Internship Host Information

Bard College Berlin welcomes individuals or organizations to apply as new internship hosts. 

Student Profile

Hosts can expect committed students with typically at least two years of university experience, who are available for part-time, three-month internships. Students typically have a background in the humanities, social sciences, and art (practicing arts and art history). Bard College Berlin will assist by matching potential hosts with suitable candidates and providing an institutional framework through the Internship Course.

Learn More / Get in Touch

You can find out about the internship experience and former hosts under The Internship Experience. All students receive academic credit upon successful completion of the internship and the accompanying internship course.

Interested in advertising an internship opening? Or in receiving more information on hosting a Bard College Berlin intern?
Initial basic information can be found below. For all further inquiries and additional details, please contact t.joaquim@berlin.bard.edu.