Internship Host Information

BCB Internship Program Overview

Bard College Berlin offers students a chance to participate in an extraordinary learning experience and take an internship course that includes an internship position with a local organization or individual in Berlin. Students are paired with an internship host that best matches the student’s interests with the host’s needs.

Academic credit is earned through the combination of the internship and full participation in an internship course at BCB taught by Prof. Dr. Agata Lisiak.

Internship Expectations and Benefits

As an internship host, you welcome a young, enthusiastic, and committed student as a support for the existing staff and benefit the student’s education and future career.

Typically, the work undertaken during the internship may include the following types of activities: research, writing and editing, event planning, administrative and clerical support, all related to the mission of the host.

The unpaid internship should preferably have a duration of three months in the academic semester (between September and mid-December in the fall semester, between January and mid-May in the spring semester). Due to minimum wage law regulations, an unpaid, voluntary internship cannot be longer than three months.

The intern is required to work for 10 to 13 hours per week under a guidance of a supervisor. For these working hours, the student keeps time sheets that are signed by the internship mentor in regular intervals. The internship host commits to providing a workspace and a safe working environment for the intern.

Students’ Responsibilities

It is expected that students who participate in the internship program will:
  • ・Spend the required minimum of 10 hours per week working at their internship
  • ・Work pro-actively with their internship mentor to set internship goals, identify work projects and priorities, and to problem-solve along the journey
  • ・Complete all assigned internship tasks on a timely basis and communicate any questions or concerns to the internship mentor or to the Internship Placement Officer at BCB
  • ・Regularly reflect on their internship experience, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • ・Sensitively balance their own personal needs, expectations, and learning objectives with the needs, interests, and expectations of the internship host organization, and mentor

BCB Internship Program Contacts

For questions prior to or during the internship please contact: 

Judith Weber
Internship and Career Networking Officer
E: j.weber@berlin.bard.edu
Florian Duijsens
Interim Academic Director of the Internship Program
E: f.duijsens[at]berlin.bard.edu
Prof. Dr. Agata Lisiak
Academic Director of the Internship Program
E: a.lisiak[at]berlin.bard.edu
(on leave 2021-22)
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