The Internship Course

Students enrolled in the internship program are required to complete a class that has been especially designed to accompany the internship experience: the Berlin Internship Seminar. 


Over the course of the Berlin Internship Seminar led by Agata Lisiak students discuss contemporary ways of living and working in Berlin and beyond: What do we mean when we talk about work? Do we need to love what we do? What renders work in/visible? How is work gendered and classed? How is work organized temporally and spatially, and how does it in turn affect the city and its residents? What distinguishes the spaces in which we live and work today? Which new forms of work have recently emerged in Berlin? Which of them seem to thrive? How do Berlin’s art institutions and citizen-activist organizations operate? Besides in-class discussions, invited lectures, and off-campus visits, the seminar offers a platform for the exchange of observations, reflections, and comments on individual internships. 
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