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Berlin as a Cosmopolitan Hub
Students on a faculty-led tour of Mitte, Berlin's cultural and historical center

Berlin as a Cosmopolitan Hub

A strong and active network composed of many of Berlin’s cultural, economic, political and academic institutions enables students at BCB to interact with leading scholars, activists, thinkers, and artists in the city. Partner institutions include the Technische Universität, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, the American Academy, and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Bard College Berlin offers three Study Abroad in Berlin programs that enable students enrolled at another undergraduate institution to study at BCB for one semester or a year.

Begin in Berlin

Students enrolled at Bard College in Annandale may elect to start their college career globally by spending their first year at Bard College Berlin with the program Begin in Berlin. Students who choose the year in Berlin option arrive in the city in August and take part in the Language and Thinking Program with entering students from all over the world. Students enroll in the first-year BA core course and have access to electives in areas ranging from film, performance, and literature to statistics, economics, philosophy, political theory, and human rights. All courses are taught in English and count toward the Bard College degree.

LAB: Liberal Arts Berlin

The Liberal Arts Berlin study abroad program is designed for students enrolled at another university who are pursuing majors in the humanities and social sciences, and who wish to deepen their engagement with the key questions and currents of Western thought in a rigorous, interdisciplinary fashion, in Berlin. Courses focused on the history, culture, and contemporary artistic and political life of Berlin are a key component of the program, along with electives in the areas of art history, social sciences, literature, studio arts, and philosophy. German-language study at all levels can be pursued as part of the program.

Arts and Society in Berlin

Arts and Society in Berlin is a one-semester or yearlong program that draws on Bard’s longstanding commitment to artistic creation and civic engagement and offers a mix of practicing arts courses, exposure to art history and theory, and engagement with the contemporary worlds of art, urban politics, and creative industries in Berlin. Students with an interest in combining art making and activism will find both academic and internship opportunities for such work. German-language study at all levels is also possible as part of the program.