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Student housing

Bard College Berlin’s un-moderated students (BA first and second year, and Academy Year) live on campus in co-ed dormitories, usually sharing a room with a student from a different country. The dormitories are spacious, light-filled buildings, each no more than 5 minutes’ walk from the cafeteria, Student Center, Factory Arts Building, and all other facilities and buildings on campus. The SPOK fitness center, for which the college has membership, is also nearby.

Student dormitories

Two of the dormitories are renovated traditional Berlin apartment buildings ("Altbau") with a courtyard and garden. Each apartment typically comprises of three double rooms, a hall, its own bathroom facilities and a fitted communal kitchen. Hardwood floors and high ceilings give these rooms a particular charm. Free of charge laundry facilities (washing machines & dryers) are available on the grounds.

Three additional dormitories are neo-Bauhaus constructions situated on a leafy property with landscaped gardens and lawn areas. Each of these buildings has a fully equipped kitchen, shared bathrooms & showers, and laundry facilities (washing machines & dryers) which can be used free of charge. A study room with space for twenty students and a computer room are also located in these dorms. On the grounds behind each of these buildings, students can practice sports, organize barbecues, study or just soak up sunshine.

All dorm rooms are fully equipped to cover basic needs - they include a bed (with or without built in drawers), a wardrobe, a desk, a chair and a bookshelf (per person). Bed linens are also provided. All the dorms have free wireless internet access. Students are responsible for the maintenance of their own spaces; the college provides cleaning services in the common areas.

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