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Pankumenta is a recurring student-run arts festival that first took place at the end of the Spring semester 2018 tangentially to the Open Studios event as a collaboration between the student body and interested parties from Pankow. It is a multidisciplinary festival that brings young artists the opportunity to present their work in dialogue with Pankow. It presents theatre, concerts, dance, performances, and films. This last Spring, it was hosted on campus and open to the entire Pankow community. Pankumenta is more than just an exhibition: It is a celebration of young artists and art-makers that don't necessarily have a platform to show their art. It is a way for people who enjoy creating to share what they're creating, and it's a way to embrace the community at large. The hope for Pankumenta is that it will take place on an annual basis for years to come.
Student coordinator: Veronika Risnovska

Student coordinator: Veronika Risnovska

As an art student, I realised how hard it is to get your art exhibited at festivals without previous recognition, and I also felt like the presentations of different arts programs at BCB lacked connection as dance, theatre, film and visual art students all held their final presentations at different times in the last months of the semester. These realisations together developed into the idea for Pankumenta, which tries to create a platform to connect the art courses while also making space for young artists outside the BCB community.
The idea might have come from me, but the realisation of the project would have never been possible without the amazing support of the Bard Centre for Civic Engagement, who provided a grant for this event, and Bard College Berlin, who provided us with spaces, organizational support, and encouragement from staff members. However, the student input in this event surprised me the most. The way all of them smoothly took responsibility for different sections of the festival and how hard they worked in that hectic time right before the finals still amazes me.

Project Report

“Pankumenta has been related to my name, but the biggest shout-out goes to Alva Guzzini, Ania Flanigan, Anna Zakelj, Claire August, Mandula van den Berg, Mary Grace Campbell, Nele Paetzold, Pilar Petropoulos-White, Vera Yung, Bono Siebelink, Elena Müller and Martin Korenek. They and no one else made the first year of Pankumenta as great as it was. I hope Pankumenta becomes a BCB tradition and grows its team with more amazing people like these.” -- Veronika Risnovska

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