Student-Led Projects

Bard College Berlin encourages student to take active steps towards social change and to make a positive contribution in their local community. Students independently initiate and develop projects according to their own interests and skills to address a need they see on their campus, in the local community of Pankow or greater Berlin, or internationally and in their home countries. Student-led projects are an opportunity for personal development, leadership, and applied learning to work with others, be active and creative to make a difference in the world.
Clowning Workshops

+  Clowning Workshops

Emancipe Initiative

+  Emancipe Initiative

Prost to Compost

+  Prost to Compost

Baynatna Arabic Library

+  Baynatna Arabic Library

Lingo 101

+  Lingo 101

Film Project "Homesick"

+  Film Project "Homesick"

Past projects
Picnic within the project Open Campus Against Closed Borders

Past projects

Open Campus Against Closed Borders
Bard Berlin Goes Green
Pankow Theater Company
Tell Your (Hi)Story

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