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The Emancipe Initiative aims to create a non-formal education circle where students are invited to take the role of educators in activities pertaining to ethics, social issues, philosophy, politics, art, identity, and different subjects in their scope of interest. The circle is an open canvas for students to explore important issues in an engaging way, through various methodologies, including the creation of interactive plays, discussions, group integration exercises, and creation in different forms. The activities pursue a pedagogy of horizontality, critical thinking and activism, understanding education as central to our development as agents of change. The initiative’s first semester was marked by two campus events: one pertaining to social structures and determinism (The Puppet Show) and the other to memory and intimacy (Sculpting Memory). For the future, the initiative intends to move beyond the campus, interacting more directly with the city.
Student coordinator: Danny Dubner

Student coordinator: Danny Dubner

I believe education is an incredible tool for transformation, emancipation, and change. I really love and believe in this particular form of education that invites people to discuss, think, and question the world as it is in an approachable way. I think education is not about just spewing information inside a hierarchical system, but an exchange of worldviews that leads us to think, act and be.

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