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Our project began in the Fall of 2017 with the goal of creating a compost. From there Prost to Compost expanded, incorporating a campus clean-up day, recycled bird house construction, and a clothing swap. By focusing on such activities, we increased awareness towards environmental issues, simultaneously instilling environmentally friendly habits in the community. There is still a lot more to be done and our hope is to continue the project into the 2018-2019 school year with a concentration on easy sustainable practices. Through this initiative, Prost to Compost is looking to get students and faculty involved in helping the community maintain environmentally friendly practices, from organizing a group to help with the compost to potentially creating a community garden. This environmental initiative brings together and encourages people to get active and be aware of how their habits impact the earth.
Student coordinators: Emma Sandman & Roxanne Drewry

Student coordinators: Emma Sandman & Roxanne Drewry

Prost to Compost is a hands-on project that works within the Bard College Berlin community to implement changes regarding food waste, recycling, and environmental awareness. Our goal is to use Prost to Compost to promote environmentally friendly habits on and off campus. We hope that by working collectively, we can encourage sustainable practices and bring awareness to the impact that our community has on the environment.

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Emma Sandman speaks about Prost to Compost at the 2018 Get Engaged student conference 

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