Conference Support Fund

Bard College Berlin students who have been invited to give a conference paper outside Berlin or Germany may apply for Conference Support to cover the relevant expenses (travelling, accommodation and conference fees).

Support Criteria

Support will be granted according to the following criteria:
  • The conference paper must have been selected in a competitive review process.
  • The student must apply for funding from the conference organizers themselves, if such funding is available.
  • The student must be in good academic standing.
  • Leave of absence for conference attendance can be granted.
  • The student has not previously received conference support in the same academic year.

Those interested should download and fill out the application form (add proofs).

Enclosed abstract of paper and the confirmation from the organizers of the conference needs to be submitted to Associate Dean for approval of eligibility. 

Potential awards may take into account merit and financial need. Funding will only be reimbursed upon submission of original receipts and up to the maximum of the amount stated on the receipt.
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