Payment Options

The annual comprehensive fee is payable in four installments per year: the fall term fee in July and August, and the spring term fee in December and January. The College also offers the Bard Budget Plan (BBP), which allows payments of the comprehensive fee to be made in monthly installments. If tuition payment is not received by the deadline indicated in the payment schedule, a EUR 30,- late fee is charged per billing statement. 

Bard Budget Plan
The BBP is an alternative payment system and allows student account payments of required fees to be made in 10 installments from July through the following April. The plan participant receives a billing statement each month. In order to maintain enrollment in the BBP, a participant's account must be kept current each month. A €30 annual application fee covers administration of the plan, and is due by July 30. This once-a-year, nonrefundable fee is not reflected in the installment amount. Enrollment after July 30 will be accepted if an initial payment equal to the amount required to cover all missed payments is made. 

International Wire Transfers
International wire transfers may accrue bank-processing fees, depending on the bank involved. When arranging transfers, please remember to add this processing fee to the amount being transferred. Fees retained by a bank will remain as an unpaid balance due on the student’s account. For online credit card payments, we recommend to use the third-party service Wise.

Wire transfers should be made to Bard College Berlin's account: 

Account Number: 26868556 
Sort Code: 100 208 90 
Leibnizstr. 100 
10625 Berlin, Germany 
IBAN: DE98 1002 0890 0026 8685 56

Standard Payment Schedule

 Payment Date  On-Campus Students  Off-Campus Students
 May 1 €500 non-refundable deposit (first year of attending only) -
 July 20 (Fall 1)  25% of net tuition  
 (-500€ enrollment deposit, first year of attending) 
 + 199.80€ semester ticket
 25% of net tuition
 + 199.80€ semester ticket  
 August 20 (Fall 2)   25% of net tuition  25% of net tuition
 October 20 (extra)  ~ 5-50€ reader fee  ~ 5-50€ reader fee
 December 20 (Spring 1)  25% of net tuition 
 +205.20€ semester ticket
 25% of net tuition 
 +205.20€ semester ticket
 January 20 (Spring 2)   25% of net tuition  25% of net tuition
 March 20 (extra)  ~ 5-50€ reader fee  ~ 5-50€ reader fee
  • The net tuition is the total comprehensive fee minus the annual approved financial aid and/or the scholarship awards. 
  • The non-refundable deposit of €500 is paid upon admission/renewal of financial aid and is applied as a credit to the first fall payment. 
  • Students who receive scholarships or financial aid awards should subtract those amounts from their total comprehensive fee. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about your comprehensive fee payments.  

Financial Aid Renewal

Financial Aid is awarded on an annual basis and applicants need to reapply each year. Students who enter Bard College Berlin with a financial aid award can expect that the same level of aid will be renewed in the subsequent years, provided that the student re-applies for aid each year and continues to demonstrate a similar level of financial need. The deadline for renewal of applications is April 1 of each year. 
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