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April 2014

04-28-2014 Book by Irit Dekel featured in leading Israeli newspaper
04-23-2014 Bard College Berlin hosts meeting of professors in human rights
04-23-2014 May 26: 15th Anniversary
04-22-2014 Faculty at interdisciplinary roundtable on democracy and education
04-15-2014 May 8: "From chaos to cosmos" (guest lecture)
04-14-2014 May 5: "The Black German Experience" (guest lecture)
04-10-2014 April 22: Screening and artist talk "I Live in Fear - After March 11"
04-08-2014 Brown University students visit the campus
04-07-2014 April 16 & 17: BA Thesis/PY Project Presentation
04-02-2014 Bruno Maçães speaks on the future of Europe
04-01-2014 April 11: Open Day at Bard College Berlin
04-01-2014 New BA Program in Economics – Happiness Researcher Martin Binder at Bard College Berlin
listings 1-12 of 12
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus