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September 2014

09-25-2014 Article by Kerry Bystrom on identity rights in Argentina in JAC
09-24-2014 Oct 14: "Schelling in the Anthropocene"
09-23-2014 Oct 8: Faculty Colloquium Series - Irit Dekel
09-22-2014 Oct 6: "Hate and Other Feelings in the French Revolution"
09-22-2014 Martin Binder at Quality of Life Conference (Free University)
09-17-2014 Article by Jan Völker on the ideology of life in Crisis and Critique
09-15-2014 Article by David Hayes on critical thinking
09-09-2014 Essay by Matthias Hurst on self-control in films
09-08-2014 Article by Frank Ruda on fatalism in Crisis and Critique
09-02-2014 Laura Scuriatti co-chairs panel at a conference on "Utopia"
09-01-2014 Oct 3-5: The Enigma of Freedom
listings 1-11 of 11
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus