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Program for International Education and Social Change Applicants

Call for Applications: B.A. scholarships for refugees seeking to study liberal arts

Through the Program for International Education and Social Change (PIESC), Bard College Berlin seeks to award scholarships to refugee students beginning their studies in Fall 2018. The scholarship covers tuition for one of the four-year B.A. programs in the humanities or social sciences offered at Bard College Berlin. Room and board, monthly transport within Berlin, student health insurance, books, and other study materials will be provided on condition that no other additional fund is available.

Application Materials

To apply, candidates should submit the following materials:
  • Bard College Berlin Online Application Form
  • Curriculum vitae listing academic achievements, extracurricular activities and interests (upload in the Online Application Form)
  • Proof of Syrian nationality and refugee status or documentation indicating that refugee status is being sought, passport copy* (Supply with your CV or send to x.muth@berlin.bard.edu)
  • Motivation statement on why the applicant wishes to join the program (upload in the Online Application Form)
  • Short essay in response to the speeches by Max Weber, the essay question is: 
    In 1919, historian and sociologist Max Weber delivered two influential speeches to German university students who were trying to make sense of the German defeat in World War I. The speeches, “Politics as a Vocation” and “Science as a Vocation,” address the nature of learning, scholarship, and political action. Read these speeches and write an essay that focuses on one or more aspects of Weber’s argument with which you either agree or disagree. You may want to consider one speech or compare the two. In what ways are Weber’s views relevant today, nearly a century after they were delivered?
  • Two letters of recommendation (Teachers can upload online or send to x.muth@berlin.bard.edu)
  • Personal statement of financial need (upload in the Online Application Form)
  • Official transcripts or school records (send to x.muth@berlin.bard.edu)
  • Proof of English proficiency at C1 level (in the Online Application Form or send to x.muth@berlin.bard.edu)
*Applicants should be aware that it is their responsibility to obtain legal entry to Germany in time to begin their program of study.

Interview and Contact

Applicants who successfully pass the first round will be invited to interview with the Admissions Committee.
  • Contact:
    Xenia Muth
    Admissions and Recruitment Officer
    Civic Engagement Coordinator

    Tel: +49 30 43733 121
All prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Xenia Muth in the Admissions Office to schedule an individual advising session on how to prepare their application for admission. Please also let us know if you have difficulties providing any of the documents above so that we can assist you in finding a solution.