Students visit the Bode Museum in Berlin
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Academy Year

The Academy Year program is ideal for high school graduates who are exploring possibilities of further study at university, or who wish to try out undergraduate studies in the humanities through English in Bard College Berlin's international environment.


Academy Year students take part in the first-year core curriculum along with incoming BA students. 

Besides this core program which provides fundamental knowledge of the key intellectual movements and works that founded the disciplines of the humanities, the Academy Year also includes a wide range of elective courses in literature and the arts, politics and the social sciences, and film and the practicing arts.

Academy Year students may also pursue language study in German from beginner to advanced level. 

Further Opportunities

Academy Year students are full members of Bard College Berlin's academic community and take part in its extra-curricular clubs and societies as well as the public lecture series.

All of the advantages of Bard College Berlin's cooperations with other institutes and universities in the city of Berlin are open to Academy Year students.

The Academy Year program begins with the three-week Language and Thinking Program, an introduction to College life and the city of Berlin.

Interested in the Academy Year?