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Bard College Berlin is an accredited German-American university that offers intensive, transdisciplinary education in the humanities and social sciences. The student body is highly international and diverse in terms of geography, culture, class, and economic background and meets with faculty in small seminars taught in English. An emphasis on critical thinking, intellectual ambition, creativity, and the connection between life in and outside the classroom is a fundamental feature. Qualifying students can earn both an American and a German BA degree.

It is by posing the “big questions” that have echoed over time, and by giving young individuals the skills necessary to comprehend and answer them in dialogue and with reference to contemporary challenges, that Bard College Berlin enables personal flourishing and prepares its students to contribute to a shared global future.

Located in the political, economic, and artistic center of Europe where global economic policies and measures on migration and security are debated and tested, and where the arts find their most varied and experimental expression, Bard College Berlin is in a unique position to offer its students direct exposure to current political, social, and cultural developments through seminars and activities rooted in the city. An internship program provides opportunities to gain work experience in a wide range of fields, such as the arts, human rights, publishing, urban planning, technology start-ups, and education.

This twofold Bard focus of specialized study of an intellectual heritage of continued relevance, and the application of ideas in “real life” through local exploration, artistic practice, public debate, and civic engagement programs, has prepared Bard College Berlin alumni/ae for creative problem-solving and successful collaborations in public and private sectors at local, national, and international levels. As a result, they have been able to pursue careers in domains such as international relations, public policy, education, journalism, and the arts as well as graduate study at the world’s most renowned universities.

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