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Bard College Berlin faculty and administrators have conferred extensively with their Bard College counterparts to develop a curriculum that broadly and deeply explores philosophical, literary, social, artistic, and scientific questions about the world. Bard College Berlin faculty inspire their students to examine the basis for the value judgments that shape our intellectual, cultural, and political life.

Our Faculty

Bard College Berlin’s world-class faculty have earned their degrees at some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe and the United States. Their expertise spans the disciplines of art history, philosophy, literature, film, English, and political theory. In addition to preparing their students to be active members of society, professors at Bard College Berlin practice civic engagement and cultural outreach in their own careers. 

Our Students

Studying at Bard College Berlin is an experience that integrates knowledge across borders literally as well as intellectually. With more than 50 nationalities and nearly as many languages represented in the student body, students can hone their skills in intercultural communication—in the student residence halls, in classroom discussions, or while exploring Berlin.

Our Alumni/ae

Over the last decade, many young adults have attended a summer course or completed an Academy Year or Project Year at the College. In 2012, students in the first BA cohort graduated. Future graduates will join a network of alumni/ae who are studying and working around the world. After graduation, alumni/ae remain connected, professionally and personally, to the College and to their friends and professors.