Student Organizations and Activities
Student Involvement Fair

Student Organizations and Activities

Students at Bard College Berlin are encouraged to create their own Student Organizations. Over the years, many groups have started and done amazing things; some examples include our Student Parliament; the Politics, Rhetoric, and Debate Club; and numerous other art, theater, academic, outdoor and popular interest clubs. Whether through Civic Engagement projects or common interests, students are supported by the College to be creative in their co-curricular work.

At the start of each semester there is the ‘Student Involvement Fair’ where students can learn about ways to get involved on campus, including joining clubs and student organizations. This event typically occurs on the first Thursday of the semester during lunch time.

Students interested in starting a new organization should come speak with the Head of Student Life.
The Student Parliament
Members of the StuPa lead a discussion on the liberal arts and BCB's curriculum

The Student Parliament

What is Student Parliament (StuPa)?
We are the student representation for all things from academics to housing at Bard College Berlin. We facilitate general assemblies, collect student input on campus building projects, and review student services to guarantee the best possible experience for our peers and ourselves here on campus and in Berlin. You can contact us generally at: stupa@berlin.bard.edu

Goals for Spring 2019
This semester our three largest goals are to increase the financial transparency of our school, to begin student engagement in the master planning projects developed for our campus in the coming months and years, and to review our own constitution in order to make sure that the parliament is working at its most effective.

Your Student Parliament of Spring 2019
  • Simon Plougholt Kastberg & Lucari Jordan; Co-Chairs
    The Co-Chairs are responsible for moderating debate in the student parliament, and facilitating the actions the Parliament decides to undertake.
  • Biborka Beres; Identity and Diversity Representative
    The Identity and Diversity Representative coordinates events and projects to facilitate dialogue about diversity and student identity.
  • Mátyás György Endrey; Representative for New Policies
    This position is responsible for receiving updates from the administration about changes in the policies of the college and presenting them to the full StuPa group.
  • Claire Dickson; Student Labor Representative
    This representative tracks imposed labor policies which affect student workers, and takes charge of defending student workers' rights and well-being.
  • Pauline Jäckles; Communications Representative
    The responsibilities of the Communications Representative are to collect input from and reach out to the rest of the student body. They act as the main conduit for announcements on behalf of the Parliament to the rest of the school
  • Annie Swett; Network Representative
    This representative will be the main point of contact between us and the Bard network schools in order to facilitate cooperation and projects.
Committee Members 
  • Academic Senate: Ibrahim Bozdemir and Roxanne Drewry
    As part of the Academic Senate, these representatives will be the student voices in the main governing body of the college. They are also part of the StuPa council. Email us with any questions or concerns: academic_senate@berlin.bard.edu.
  • Studies Committee: Alva Guzzini and Solveig Vanniez
    The Studies Committee is comprised of students, staff and faculty members alike. It offers us the opportunity to provide feedback on matters regarding academic life.
  • Student Life Committee (SLC): Wilma Ewerhart and Tanya Sharma
    Another staff-faculty-student joint committee, SLC's initiatives are to enhance the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the college. Feel free to contact us at slc@berlin.bard.edu.
For more information about the structure and responsibilities of the Student Parliament, please see our constitution here.

If you wish to contact the Student Parliament as a general group, please follow the link to our anonymous Google form below:

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