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February 2016

02-29-2016 Nina Tecklenburg with "The Müllermatrix" in the Heiner Müller Festival in HAU
02-25-2016 Agata Lisiak launched website "Immigrant Mothers as Agents of Change"
02-25-2016 Feb 29: Stefano Evangelista gives a seminar at Bard College Berlin
02-25-2016 Feb 29: Guest speaker Arild Saether on "Samuel Pufendorf - The Grandfather of Modern Political Economy?"
02-24-2016 April Gertler to perform "Queen of Sheba" at tête
02-23-2016 Martin Binder presents paper on soft paternalism at the "Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Ethik" conference
02-22-2016 Feb 26: International Dinner
02-19-2016 Feb 24: Hannah Barrett & Laurel Sparks in an artist talk & soft launch of "THE WALL"
02-15-2016 Feb 19: Violinist Shawn Moore plays at Bard College Berlin
02-12-2016 Dirk Ehnts participates in conference "Keynes und die Europäische Integration"
02-12-2016 Kerry Bystrom participated in conference "Rethinking the Human Rights Canon"
02-09-2016 David Levine receives the 2016 Performance Art/Theater Grant awarded by the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts
02-09-2016 Feb 22: Norman Manea gives lecture at German Marshall Fund
02-05-2016 Feb 9: American novelist Jennifer Egan joins fiction writing class
02-05-2016 Feb 12: Liberal Arts Education Panel
02-03-2016 Feb 3: Ruth Preser of ICI Berlin gives a seminar at Bard College Berlin
02-01-2016 Ulrike Wagner co-edits "Herder and Religion"
listings 1-17 of 17
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus