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March 2016

03-31-2016 Dirk Ehnts to teach at Maastricht University Summer School
03-31-2016 March 31: Faculty Colloquium Series, Jeffrey Champlin on "Faust's Fundamentalism — Goethe's Mutant Literature"
03-30-2016 April Gertler to exhibit in Kunstraum Bethanien
03-23-2016 March 27/April 1: Brown University visits Bard College Berlin
03-23-2016 Bard College Berlin Offers Scholarships for Syrian Students
03-22-2016 Student Action and Youth Leadership Conference
03-16-2016 Bard President Leon Botstein conducts the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra
03-16-2016 Dirk Ehnts mentioned in DW story on the European Central Bank
03-10-2016 March 15: Artist talk by Sonja Vordermaier
03-10-2016 Agata Lisiak on "Affordable Mothering and Respectability"
03-10-2016 Matthias Hurst published an essay in "Inklings Yearbook"
03-10-2016 March 17: Faculty Colloquium Series, Katalin Makkai on "A Reintroduction to Kant's Aesthetics."
03-09-2016 March 10: Verena Rodatus und Margareta von Oswald give a guest lecture
03-09-2016 March 15: Artist talk by Sonja Vordermaier
03-09-2016 Book by Catherine Toal from Fordham University Press
03-09-2016 April 8: Open Day at Bard College Berlin
03-08-2016 Dirk Ehnts presents his book "Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics" in Valencia
03-07-2016 Martin Binder published an article in "Applied Economics Letters"
03-03-2016 Dirk Ehnts presented ideas on a European Treasury at CEPS
03-03-2016 Chapter by Michael Weinman appeared in "On Civic Republicanism: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics"
03-02-2016 John von Bergen to exhibit at "BLOK art space" in Istanbul
03-01-2016 Martin Binder published an article in "Ecological Economics"
listings 1-22 of 22
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus