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November 2016

11-30-2016 Ana María Gómez López participates in the exhibition "Fluid Matter" (Eindhoven)
11-29-2016 Michael Weinman on electoral politics (Public Seminar)
11-28-2016 David Hayes on critical thinking (Leuphana)
11-24-2016 Ulrike Wagner on Schleiermacher (Humboldt University)
11-22-2016 Timo Lochocki on right-wing populism (Die Zeit)
11-21-2016 "Declared" - Solo exhibition and reading by John von Bergen (Hamburg)
11-16-2016 Dec 11: "The Clouds" by Aristophanes
11-16-2016 Michael Weinman on the US election results (Public Seminar)
11-15-2016 Dec 9: Open Studios at Bard College Berlin
11-14-2016 Dec 1: Faculty Colloquium - Matthias Hurst on "Germans in Space"
11-14-2016 [CANCELLED] Dec 8: Special guest lecture by Glenn W. Most on the Presocratics
11-10-2016 Agata Lisiak on visualizing urban diversity (London)
11-10-2016 Nov 30: Artist talk by Iris Schieferstein
11-10-2016 Message from Bard President Leon Botstein following the US elections
11-09-2016 Matthias Hurst on medicine and films (Hamburg)
11-07-2016 Nov 27: Dance Lab Showing
11-07-2016 Nov 10: Alumnus Rafał Kuczyński on "Confronting Perspectives"
11-04-2016 April Gertler participates in group exhibition in Berlin
11-04-2016 Nov 8: Faculty Colloquium - Ewa Atanassow and Ira Katznelson on "Governing Emergency"
11-04-2016 Laura Scuriatti reviews "Vivere nella Tempesta" by Nadia Fusini in the Times Higher Education
11-02-2016 Nov 3: Lynn Catterson on Stefano Bardini and Wihelm Bode
listings 1-21 of 21
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus