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March 2017

03-30-2017 Student film at Lucca Film Festival, Italy
03-29-2017 May 4 - Performance-research "No Comfort" (Madeline Stillwell)
03-29-2017 May 4: Emily Eells on "Proust and the Americans in Paris"
03-28-2017 April 29: Conference Post-Truth and Politics
03-28-2017 May 3: Team MADA[r]T - Screening and live performance
03-24-2017 BCB student participates in Scholars at Risk "Advocacy Day"
03-22-2017 Agata Lisiak at conference on "Reimagining Civil Society" (Bishkek)
03-22-2017 BCB representatives at conferences on debate and civic engagement (CEU, Budapest)
03-22-2017 BCB students selected for study abroad
03-21-2017 April 21: Film screening and Q&A - Rosehill by Brigitta Wagner
03-15-2017 Michael Weinman on race and social injustice in the USA (Public Seminar)
03-14-2017 Kerry Bystrom edits forum on "Oceanic Routes" (Comparative Literature)
03-13-2017 Michael Weinman on Hannah Arendt and hospitality (American University)
03-10-2017 Professor of Art and Society
Dorothea von Hantelmann
03-07-2017 Guest seminars by Samuel Hughes
03-06-2017 Bard College Berlin wins "Eine Uni - ein Buch" sponsorship
03-03-2017 Ewa Atanassow on colonization, democracy and Tocqueville (American Political Science Review)
03-01-2017 Paper by Martin Binder in top 5 most cited (Journal of Economic Psychology)
listings 1-18 of 18
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus