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May 2017

05-30-2017 Martin Binder at entrepreneurship and well-being workshop (Sweden)
05-22-2017 Martin Binder at Brookings workshop (Washington D.C.)
05-19-2017 Michael Weinman on Arendt, hospitality and membership (Moral Philosophy and Politics)
05-17-2017 June 3rd: Open Day
05-15-2017 Martin Binder on green lifestyles and subjective well-being (Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization)
05-11-2017 Matthias Hurst publishes essay on American Western films
05-11-2017 Agata Lisiak to speak at Amnesty International UK
05-10-2017 May 20: Commencement 2017
05-10-2017 Michael Weinman on the naming of the MOAB bomb (Public Seminar)
05-09-2017 Faculty and alumnus contribute to volume about liberal arts education
05-09-2017 Bard College Berlin Appoints
John von Bergen as Director of Studio Arts
05-09-2017 Transatlantic Debate - Bard Berlin and Bard Annandale
05-08-2017 Agata Lisiak on migrant mothers in austere times (Discover Society)
05-08-2017 CEU Global Fellows appointed to Bard College Berlin
05-03-2017 Agata Lisiak and students at EHU conference
listings 1-15 of 15
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus