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March 2018

03-27-2018 Boris Vormann on liberal democracy and Trumpism (PW Portal)
03-27-2018 April 3 - Geoff Lehman and Michael Weinman launch book on the Parthenon (New School)
03-23-2018 Marion Detjen on Bard College Berlin's diversity (Bertelsmann Stiftung)
03-23-2018 Martin Binder at unemployment and well-being workshop
03-21-2018 Laura Scuriatti at conference on transnational life-writing (Oxford)
03-19-2018 Agata Lisiak’s new paper in The Feminist Review
03-19-2018 Bard College Berlin hosts Bard-HESP network meeting
03-19-2018 BCB student team wins the St. Petersburg Open Debate Tournament
03-16-2018 Israel Waichman at international spring school on climate policy (Freiberg)
03-15-2018 Interview with Kerry Bystrom on the volume The Global South Atlantic (Berliner Gazette)
03-12-2018 Recent radio interviews with Boris Vormann on US domestic and foreign policy
03-09-2018 Essays by students published on Public Seminar
03-08-2018 Agata Lisiak on “The Unbearable Persistence of Whiteness” (Feminist Review)
03-06-2018 New essay on practices in American Studies by Boris Vormann
03-02-2018 Ellen Driscoll (Bard NY) Receives International Sculpture Center's Award
03-02-2018 Marion Detjen at panel on family reunification (Heinrich Böll Stiftung)
listings 1-16 of 16
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus