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June 2018

06-25-2018 Marion Detjen on patriotism and the World Cup (WDR5)
06-18-2018 Agata Lisiak on girl resistance (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw)
06-18-2018 Art project by Heba Amin at the 10th Berlin Biennale
06-14-2018 Boris Vormann on Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un (SWR2)
06-12-2018 April Gertler receives Berlin Senate prize for Sonntag
06-11-2018 Marion Detjen on the concept of "diversity" in the liberal tradition (Die Zeit)
06-08-2018 The fourth Summer Theater Intensive Program starts at Bard College Berlin
06-08-2018 “RELICS” - solo exhibition by John von Bergen in Dresden
06-05-2018 Agata Lisiak gives keynote on creative methods in research (Surrey)
listings 1-9 of 9
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus