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September 2018

09-27-2018 Michael Weinman on "The Pythagorean Harmonics of the Parthenon" (Bard College Annandale)
09-25-2018 Laura Scuriatti contributes to platform “Mina Loy - Navigating the Avant-garde”
09-24-2018 Martin Binder on innovation and well-being (Cambridge University Press)
09-21-2018 Michael Weinman on Arendt after postmodernity (Hannah Arendt Center)
09-17-2018 Seraphine Maerz at conferences in Bochum and Frankfurt 
09-13-2018 Dorothea von Hantelmann gives public lecture on curating (Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade)
09-11-2018 New solo exhibition by Heba Amin
09-10-2018 Martin Binder publishes article: "Smile or Die?" (Economics and Human Biology)
09-06-2018 Boris Vormann on the costs of state-led urbanization (Potsdam University)
listings 1-9 of 9
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus