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July 2021

07-23-2021 John Kleckner exhibits art work at the goeben gallery in Berlin
07-16-2021 Wafa Mustafa is interviewed in the Guardian
07-13-2021 Matthias Hurst publishes essay on German director Wim Wenders
07-07-2021 Gale Raj-Reichert joins Bard College Berlin as Professor of Politics
07-06-2021 Fourth-year student Sohaib Alzoubi wins Studienstiftung fellowship

June 2021

06-30-2021 Hanan Toukan discusses her book The Politics of Art: Dissent and Cultural Diplomacy in Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan
06-30-2021 John Kleckner awarded Pollock-Krasner Foundation artist grant
06-30-2021 Nina Tecklenburg and Ramona Mosse co-organize workshop Staging Viral Theatres
06-29-2021 Henry Koerner Hall nominated for the DAM Prize
06-25-2021 Katalin Makkai publishes book: Kant’s Critique of Taste: The Feeling of Life
06-24-2021 Bard College President Leon Botstein “Heartbroken” about Russian Blacklisting
06-23-2021 April Gertler and WIRWIR launch event and exhibition series "WIR BAUEN EINE NEUE STADT"
06-21-2021 Aya Soika to participate in panel discussion: Curating Art or Curating Artists
06-17-2021 BCB Alumni Ahmad Mobayad participates in Nobel Prize Summit
06-17-2021 Francesco Giusti discusses book Dante’s Paradiso and the Theological Origins of Modern Thought with author William Franke
06-08-2021 Francesco Giusti co-edits book: The Work of World Literature
06-01-2021 Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang present the Impulse-Phone
06-01-2021 Commencement 2021

May 2021

05-31-2021 Alumna Natalia Irina Roman moderates panel on co-housing and community living at the Hertie Summit 2021
05-26-2021 Alumni Karam Alhamad profiled on Influencive
05-21-2021 BCB students take part in PAF Campus 2021
05-21-2021 Joshua Paul publishes article in Ethnic and Racial Studies on the resurgence of white nationalism
05-20-2021 Martin Widmann edits forum on “German literature – globally” in the German Quarterly
05-19-2021 Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang’s digital projects Soulmachine and Familiodrome on tour
05-17-2021 Boris Vormann guests on Podcast “Quo Vadis USA?”
05-12-2021 Hanan Toukan publishes book: The Politics of Art, Dissent and Cultural Diplomacy in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan

April 2021

04-29-2021 Ann-Kathrin Blankenberg and Martin Binder publish chapter in Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics
04-28-2021 Aaron Tugendhaft's talk on his book The Idols of ISIS profiled in the taz
04-28-2021 Matthias Hurst publishes essay on Horror Homeroom
04-27-2021 Third-Year student Noor Ender awarded fellowship by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
04-27-2021 Special issue "Common Grounds? American Democracy after Trump" guest edited by Boris Vormann and featuring BCB faculty
04-27-2021 Dorothea von Hantelmann speaks to the Economist on immersive art installations
04-26-2021 Laura Scuriatti interviews author Ulrike Ulrich as part of "Zürich liest ein Buch"
04-19-2021 Aysuda Kölemen and the OSUN Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative featured in Tagesspiegel
04-16-2021 Nina Tecklenburg hosts workshop on hybrid theater productions
04-15-2021 Aaron Tugendhaft to discuss his book The Idols of ISIS. From Assyria to the Internet at the Einstein Forum
04-12-2021 Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang bring Heiner Müller to life with the MÜLLER-PHONE
04-08-2021 Boris Vormann speaks to Deutsche Welle about Joe Biden’s 2 trillion dollar stimulus package
04-08-2021 Frank Wolff publishes book: Yiddish Revolutionaries in Migration, The Transnational History of the Jewish Labour Bund
04-08-2021 Sam Zamrik publishes literary essay: “I am starch, water, and fat” on weiterschreiben.jetzt
04-06-2021 Dorothea von Hantelmann to moderate talk with artist Sean Scully

March 2021

03-26-2021 Sam Zamrik speaks to Deutschlandfunk Kultur about his music and poetry
03-26-2021 Ameenah Sawwan publishes essay for the Heinrich Böll Stiftung reflecting on ten years since the Syrian revolution
03-23-2021 Wafa Mustafa speaks to Euronews on 10 years since the uprising in Syria
03-12-2021 Marion Detjen has published an essay on Zeit Online about the cultural and symbolic relevance of the potato to Germany
03-12-2021 Ibrahim Al-Kasem and the Caesar Files Group provide deciding evidence of human rights abuses in Syria in landmark trial
03-11-2021 Laura Scuriatti publishes article: "Strange Characters: Dialogic Selves and Cosmopolitanism in Carl van Vechten’s Peter Whiffle"
03-09-2021 Karam Alhamad and Ehab Badwi to speak at the 2021 IIE PEER Forum
03-09-2021 Bard College Berlin featured in case profile series: “How University Communities can foster Higher Education Opportunities for Refugee Students & Scholars”
03-05-2021 Hanan Toukan named a winner of the OSUN Network 2020 contest for Innovative Assignment Design for the Learning environment
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