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January 2021

01-25-2021 Bard College Berlin receives a Philipp Schwartz-Initiative grant to host Scholar at Risk Dr. Aslı Vatansever
01-22-2021 Congratulations to Lucas Engel on his Studienstiftung scholarship
01-20-2021 Agata Lisiak to speak at online discussion about "Art, international cooperation and Brexit" hosted by Centrala
01-18-2021 Agata Lisiak wins VolkswagenStiftung research grant for her project "Migration, Space and Power: Learning from Rosa Luxemburg and Doreen Massey"
01-12-2021 Marcus Giamattei introduces his tool classEx for interactive classroom experiments
01-11-2021 Boris Vormann discusses storm of US capitol in German media

December 2020

12-15-2020 Adam Hardaker receives the 2020 DAAD Award
12-11-2020 BCB student Ameenah Sawwan and alumni Wafa Mustafa spoke to the Neue Züricher Zeitung about their activism
12-01-2020 Premiere of FAMILIODROM - New theater performance by BCB Professor Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang

November 2020

11-27-2020 Ewa Atanassow interviews Geoffrey Galt Harpham on freedom and scholarship
11-26-2020 Fourth Year Student Hesham Moadamani awarded "Best Community Storyteller in Travel 2021" by Lonely Planet
11-20-2020 Agata Lisiak at TOP: Transdisciplinary Project Space
11-18-2020 Marion Detjen publishes article on the condition of diaspora in Zeit Online
11-16-2020 Simona Toroţcoi presented paper on Roma representation in Moldavian textbooks 
11-04-2020 Erick Moreno Superlano finalist in the Pupiales International Short Story Contest
11-03-2020 Aya Soika on German sculptors Arno Breker and Bernhard Heiliger

October 2020

10-29-2020 Julia Hart produces "Election Night 2020 - A Digital Party"
10-26-2020 Third Year student Sohaib Alzoubi published paper on Syrian Civil Society in LSE Research Online
10-24-2020 Aaron Tugendhaft discusses his new book The Idols of Isis
10-23-2020 Boris Vormann publishes renewed edition of the Handbook on US Politics
10-22-2020 Michael Weinman discusses his co-edited book The Emergence of Illiberalism on podcast "Through the Gates"
10-21-2020 Henry Koerner Hall in the news
10-20-2020 BCB student Sam Zamrik featured on arte's Twist
10-19-2020 Marion Detjen on "Thinking through Repair" at the Rhinoceros Salon, HKW
10-16-2020 Aya Soika to speak at Art Forgery conference in Dresden's Albertinum.
10-02-2020 Aaron Tugendhaft's article "Ignorant Antiquities" translated into Arabic

September 2020

09-30-2020 Martin Binder co-publishes new study on well-being in the German crafts sector
09-22-2020 Marion Detjen publishes article on "Intersectionality" in Zeit Online
09-21-2020 John von Bergen group exhibition "Wände | Walls" at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
09-16-2020 BCB student Sam Zamrik signed by Weiter Schreiben
09-15-2020 Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang - Performances on tour in Bremen and Moscow
09-14-2020 Andreas Martin Widman at the internationales literaturfestival berlin
09-07-2020 Agata Lisiak to speak at Humanifesta in Hamburg
09-04-2020 Boris Vormann on US presidential election

August 2020

08-20-2020 Henry Koerner Hall nominated for Architekturpreis Berlin 2020
08-18-2020 Aaron Tugendhaft publishes new book The Idols of ISIS: From Assyria to the Internet
08-03-2020 Boris Vormann and Michael Weinmann publish book on Illiberalism
listings 1-37 of 37
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