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December 2019

12-19-2019 Boris Vormann on the Donald Trump Impeachment
12-17-2019 Student Bíborka Béres ​​​​​is the recipient of the DAAD Award
12-17-2019 Marcus Giamattei’s study on financial bubbles featured in Swiss research magazine horizons
12-13-2019 Dorothea von Hantelmann on “Live Art in Dead Institutions” (Dresden)
12-09-2019 Bard College's Roger Berkowitz at Hannah Arendt award ceremony (Heinrich Böll Foundation Bremen)
12-05-2019 Aya Soika’s co-edited exhibition catalogue Emil Nolde: The Artist during the Third Reich reviewed in London Review of Books
12-04-2019 Boris Vormann moderated lecture on automation and the German labor market by Laura Tyson (ESMT Berlin)
12-02-2019 Daniela Crăciun held workshop on text-to-data methods (Romania)

November 2019

11-26-2019 Marcus Giamattei publishes web-book for experiments in economics classes
11-14-2019 Boris Vormann on the public impeachment hearings (Inforadio)
11-11-2019 Dorothea von Hantelmann at panel on noisy rhetoric, action and the New Patrons programs (Volksbühne)
11-07-2019 Jens & Eva Reich awarded Federal Cross of Merit
11-06-2019 Boris Vormann gives talk on “Trumpism as a Global Phenomenon?” (Heidelberg)
11-05-2019 Daniela Crăciun publishes book chapter "Internationalization with Adjectives"
11-04-2019 New essay “Archaeology and Jihad” by Aaron Tugendhaft (Cabinet Magazine)
11-04-2019 Jens Reich on the November 4, 1989 demonstration (RBB)

October 2019

10-21-2019 Dafna Maimon and Agata Lisiak participate in conversation on motherhood in art (Volksbühne)
10-16-2019 Nina Tecklenburg and Interrobang with "The Müllermatrix" at Hellerau (Dresden)
10-10-2019 Marion Detjen at panel on controversial remembrance (Berlin Wall Memorial)
10-07-2019 Boris Vormann contributes chapter on the crisis of democracy

September 2019

09-26-2019 Laura Scuriatti publishes book chapter on Modernism and the Baroque
09-26-2019 Boris Vormann on Trump's impeachment inquiry (RBB Inforadio)
09-25-2019 Matthias Hurst at "The Romantic Fantastic" conference (FU Berlin)
09-24-2019 Agata Lisiak at urban sociology conference in Delhi
09-24-2019 Solo exhibition by John Kleckner in Milan
09-23-2019 Bard College Berlin faculty at international conference "Hannah Arendt – Thinking and Education in Times of Crisis" (EHU)
09-23-2019 Hanan Toukan on counter-hegemony in Lebanese performance art (International Journal of Cultural Studies)
09-16-2019 John von Bergen contracted by BBR to produce Kunst am Bau proposal
09-12-2019 Boris Vormann on John Bolton's departure from the White House
09-03-2019 OLIve - the Open Learning Initiative and Bard College Berlin offer an intensive Academic English program for refugees living in Europe
09-02-2019 Marion Detjen at public reading & discussion on migration in Germany (Literaturhaus)

August 2019

08-29-2019 Sep 6: Laura Scuriatti, Ulrike Wagner and Dorothea Schöne on the art and utopia of community (Kunsthaus Dahlem)
08-28-2019 OLIve-Plus starts at Bard College Berlin
08-01-2019 Boris Vormann on the second Democratic presidential debate (Deutsche Welle)

July 2019

07-22-2019 Agata Lisiak publishes paper on girlhood's political potential 
07-18-2019 Marion Detjen at conference on migration in Germany since 1945
07-18-2019 Bard College's Roger Berkowitz receives Hannah Arendt Award for Political Thought from the Heinrich Böll Foundation
07-17-2019 English edition of Boris Vormann and Christian Lammert's Democracy in Crisis, translated by Susan Gillespie
07-16-2019 Andreas Martin Widmann at ASLE Conference (UC Davis)
07-15-2019 Agata Lisiak co-authors chapter on community activism and research

June 2019

06-25-2019 Kimberly Marteau Emerson on Berlin and the European civil society
06-25-2019 Michael Weinman publishes co-edited volume Plato and the Moving Image
06-24-2019 Boris Vormann on Trump’s formal launch of his re-election campaign (Deutsche Welle
06-21-2019 Bard College Berlin at "The Other 1 Percent" Conference (Berlin)
06-20-2019 Aya Soika on the "Die Brücke" painters during National Socialism (SWR 2)
06-19-2019 Agata Lisiak on migration and gentrification in Europe (Haas Institute)
06-18-2019  OLIve - the Open Learning Initiative and Bard College Berlin offer higher education opportunities for displaced students in Germany
06-13-2019 Laura Scuriatti on the Trials of Ulysses (Munich)
06-07-2019 New volume on literary coteries edited by Laura Scuriatti and featuring faculty contributions
06-03-2019 Martin Binder on green lifestyles and subjective well-being (Strasbourg)
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