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September 2018

09-27-2018 Michael Weinman on "The Pythagorean Harmonics of the Parthenon" (Bard College Annandale)
09-25-2018 Laura Scuriatti contributes to platform “Mina Loy - Navigating the Avant-garde”
09-24-2018 Martin Binder on innovation and well-being (Cambridge University Press)
09-21-2018 Michael Weinman on Arendt after postmodernity (Hannah Arendt Center)
09-17-2018 Seraphine Maerz at conferences in Bochum and Frankfurt 
09-13-2018 Dorothea von Hantelmann gives public lecture on curating (Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade)
09-11-2018 New solo exhibition by Heba Amin
09-10-2018 Martin Binder publishes article: "Smile or Die?" (Economics and Human Biology)
09-06-2018 Boris Vormann on the costs of state-led urbanization (Potsdam University)

August 2018

08-29-2018 Syrian Refugee Student from Bard College Berlin Arrested in Greece for Rescuing Refugees from Aegean Waters
08-29-2018 Agata Lisiak on Berlin’s local cultures (Dialog)
08-28-2018 Boris Vormann on “Public Goods and Private Data” (Aarhus University)
08-27-2018 August 30: Andreas Martin Widmann launches new novel (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin)
08-24-2018 Agata Lisiak contributes to Emotion and the Researcher volume
08-24-2018 Boris Vormann on the fraud charges against former Trump aides (Deutsche Welle, RBB, WDR, ORF)
08-21-2018 Michael Weinman on agency and power in social theory (The European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology)
08-21-2018 Acclaimed filmmaker Jennie Livingston visits the Language and Thinking Program
08-16-2018 Seraphine Maerz on public discourses in democracies and autocracies (Hamburg)
08-14-2018 Marion Detjen on patriotism and nationalism (Die Zeit)
08-10-2018 Kerry Bystrom at summer workshop on the Global South (Tübingen University)

July 2018

07-13-2018 Bard College Berlin welcomes participants in the second Berlin Summer Studio
07-09-2018 Agata Lisiak at the World Congress of Sociology (Toronto)
07-05-2018 Ewa Atanassow on constitutionalism, pluralism and democracy (Humboldt)

June 2018

06-25-2018 Marion Detjen on patriotism and the World Cup (WDR5)
06-18-2018 Art project by Heba Amin at the 10th Berlin Biennale
06-18-2018 Agata Lisiak on girl resistance (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw)
06-14-2018 Boris Vormann on Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un (SWR2)
06-12-2018 April Gertler receives Berlin Senate prize for Sonntag
06-11-2018 Marion Detjen on the concept of "diversity" in the liberal tradition (Die Zeit)
06-08-2018 “RELICS” - solo exhibition by John von Bergen in Dresden
06-08-2018 The fourth Summer Theater Intensive Program starts at Bard College Berlin
06-05-2018 Agata Lisiak gives keynote on creative methods in research (Surrey)

May 2018

05-29-2018 Boris Vormann on the German FM’s visit to the US (Deutsche Welle)
05-14-2018 Michael Weinman on Hannah Arendt and statelessness (Oxford)
05-14-2018 Agata Lisiak at conference on city-making (Zagreb)
05-14-2018 Bard College Berlin joins the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
05-07-2018 Julia Hart’s "The Hamburg Code" premieres in Hamburg
05-04-2018 Kerry Bystrom co-edits volume on urban life in the Global South and North

April 2018

04-30-2018 Boris Vormann on the Trump-Macron and Trump-Merkel meetings (Deutsche Welle)
04-30-2018 Die Welt reports on BCB’s "'Migrant Anti-Semitism' in the German Media Discourse" panel
04-28-2018 Bard College Berlin at the Scholars at Risk 2018 Global Congress
04-23-2018 Dorothea von Hantelmann contributes to The Shed’s pre-opening program (New York)
04-18-2018 BCB students to hold workshops and presentations at Smolny College in St. Petersburg
04-17-2018 Bard College Berlin Commencement 2018
04-13-2018 Bard College Berlin wins “Eine Uni - ein Buch” sponsorship for a second year
04-05-2018 April 11 - Boris Vormann at discussion “Die Krise als Chance” (Heinrich Böll Foundation)
04-05-2018 Laura Scuriatti and James Harker co-organized seminar at ACLA (Los Angeles)
04-04-2018 Agata Lisiak at “Nationalism, Empire, and State” conference (St. Petersburg)

March 2018

03-27-2018 April 3 - Geoff Lehman and Michael Weinman launch book on the Parthenon (New School)
03-27-2018 Boris Vormann on liberal democracy and Trumpism (PW Portal)
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