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April 2019

04-18-2019 Boris Vormann on the Mueller Report (RBB Inforadio)
04-10-2019 Aya Soika curates Nolde exhibition at Nationalgalerie (Hamburger Bahnhof)
04-10-2019 EuropeNow Campus Spotlight: Bard College Berlin
04-09-2019 Bard College Berlin’s Commencement 2019
04-08-2019 Geoff Lehman and Michael Weinman at “Parthenon and Liberal Education” events (Chicago)
04-02-2019 David Hayes on lameness and William Deresiewicz’s Excellent Sheep (Arts and Humanities in Higher Education)

March 2019

03-29-2019 Boris Vormann at “Cities and International Law” conference (the Hague)
03-27-2019 Martin Widmann’s novel Messias reviewed in Der Tagesspiegel
03-27-2019 Katalin Makkai at American Society for Aesthetics events
03-15-2019 Boris Vormann co-edits volume on the illiberal state
03-13-2019 The German Studies Program receives DAAD STIBET for the second time
03-07-2019 Bard College Berlin at the Bard Network Debate Conference (CEU)
03-07-2019 Bard College Berlin at the 2019 Get Engaged Conference (CEU)
03-05-2019 Kerry Bystrom and Agata Lisiak publish papers in EuropeNow issue on forced migration and higher education
03-01-2019 Hanan Toukan - new faculty member (Middle Eastern Studies)
03-01-2019 DAAD Integra and Welcome grants awarded to Bard College Berlin

February 2019

02-28-2019 Michael Weinman at seminar series on Hannah Arendt (Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture)
02-27-2019 Ewa Atanassow participates in talk on authority in scholarship (Institute for Human Sciences)
02-19-2019 Catherine Toal's keynote speech on Irish women writers (The Irish Times)
02-08-2019 Bard College Berlin receives a Philipp Schwartz Initiative Grant for Scholar at Risk Dr. Aysuda Kölemen
02-07-2019 Boris Vormann on Trump's second official State of the Union address (Deutsche Welle, Tagesschau, Radio Eins)
02-04-2019 Julia Hart directs Greenpeace performance with BCB students
02-01-2019 Boris Vormann on democracy (Nürnberg) and President Trump (Stuttgart)

January 2019

01-31-2019 Michael Weinman is co-convener of the “Hannah Arendt Working Group on Critical Theories of Modernity”
01-30-2019 Andreas Martin Widmann publishes essay on German maverick director Roland Klick (Lettre International)
01-29-2019 Matthias Hurst on robots, androids and AI in science fiction films (Heidelberg)
01-28-2019 Agata Lisiak speaks about gentrification at Nion
01-28-2019 Martin Binder on paternalism and subjective well-being (Journal of Evolutionary Economics)
01-24-2019 Students and faculty Agata Lisiak publish collaborative essay on walking in Berlin in the peer-reviewed journal CITY
01-23-2019 Boris Vormann on the 116th US Congress and the government shutdown
01-22-2019 Michael Weinman publishes chapter on philosophy and epic

December 2018

12-19-2018 Kerry Bystrom and Ramona Mosse on virtual reality and humanitarian campaigning (Potsdam University)
12-19-2018 Michael Weinman on Hannah Arendt (Paderborn University)
12-19-2018 Boris Vormann contributes chapter on sustainable urban governance
12-18-2018 Student Margarethe Hattingh is the recipient of the DAAD Award
12-18-2018 Boris Vormann co-authors article on urban reform movements (CITY)
12-17-2018 Agata Lisiak on homemaking strategies of migrant mothers (Goethe University Frankfurt)
12-17-2018 BCB hosts colloquium on Life Writing
12-11-2018 Boris Vormann on the politics of market failure (Economy and Society)
12-10-2018 Israel Waichman on the effects of a delay in punishment (Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics)
12-06-2018 Sara Mardini's story: BCB student unjustly arrested in Greece for humanitarian work faces possible detention
12-03-2018 PIESC students meet foreign policy speaker of the Green Party in the Bundestag Franziska Brantner

November 2018

11-30-2018 Bard College Berlin signs open call for complementary pathways for displaced populations
11-28-2018 Dorothea von Hantelmann at the international symposium "Re-Constructing Performance Art" (Freie)
11-27-2018 Boris Vormann co-writes chapter on money and lobbying in US politics
11-26-2018 James Harker lectures at Saint Petersburg State University
11-23-2018 Ewa Atanassow receives fellowship from the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna
11-22-2018 Alumna Maria Khan's theater project with students with migration background
11-19-2018 Martin Binder delivers keynote at behavioral science workshop in Ireland 
11-14-2018 An interview with Andreas Martin Widmann on his literary career and latest novel (Allgemeine Zeitung)
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German politician Klaus Mindrup gives a talk on campus