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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Republic and the Moving Image

Bard College Berlin Lecture Hall
On December 13, Bard College Berlin will hold the third event in the 'Plato and the Arts' series: the panel discussion "The Republic and the Moving Image." 

While proposing that Plato’s work is a rich source for any set of inquiries one may wish to pursue today, the panel aims to highlight its seminal account of how the production of images, and of moving images in particular, can either spark or profoundly mislead the soul’s pursuit of truth, specifically by turning us toward or away from what Plato considers the primary being: the form of the good.

In turning to the Republic as an illuminating point of departure, the panel’s main goal is not to elaborate on Plato's own views on mimesis or the banishment of the artists, or engage in textual exegesis. Rather, we hope to bring Plato's analytical lens to bear on our contemporary situation, and probe it for lessons it can teach us about the relation of artistic expression and the response to works of art to the search for, and rational understanding of, truth. This with specific reference to the phenomenology of film and in particular documentary film and its “parasitic” follower, the mockumentary.

Shai Biderman (Beit Berl College and Tel Aviv University)
Matthias Hurst (Bard College Berlin)
Michael Weinman (Bard College Berlin)

Organized by Bard College Berlin in the frame of the program "Plato Goes Live" / 'Eine Uni - ein Buch' supported by the Stifterverband and the Klaus Tschira Foundation in cooperation with DIE ZEIT

Admission free

Contact information:  i.stelea@berlin.bard.edu

Location: Bard College Berlin Lecture Hall

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