Bard College Berlin Presents
Friday, December 6, 2019

Faculty Colloquium: "Theory and practice at the intersection of human rights and the economy"

Bard College Berlin Cafeteria, Waldstr. 70, Berlin - Pankow

A talk by Peter Rosenblum (Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and the Humanities at Bard College)

This is a period of tumult in human rights. The assumptions that drove the rise of the international movement for decades and helped to make human rights into the dominant normative language of international relations are all in doubt. It has been a time of rethinking that has engaged academics and activists across a wide spectrum. One of the critical questions has been whether the language and tools of human rights are relevant in the face of the dramatic changes in the global economy and its local impacts. Some have looked back and argued that human rights was itself a handmaiden to neoliberalism. Others are rethinking the genealogy and theoretical underpinnings of human rights to reclaim core economic aspirations. At the same time, activists around the world are becoming more sophisticated about economic tools of activism, sometimes in direct confrontation with market assumptions. This talk will explore these developments in the theory and practice of human rights.

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This event takes place in the frame of and with support from the Mellon-funded Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education

Date & time: Friday, December 6, 2019, from 12:30pm
Venue: Bard College Berlin Cafeteria
Waldstr. 70, Berlin - Pankow

Contact information:  communications@berlin.bard.edu

Location: Bard College Berlin Cafeteria, Waldstr. 70, Berlin - Pankow

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