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Monday, May 4, 2020 – Friday, May 8, 2020

Senior Thesis Presentations

Bard College Berlin

Online Senior Thesis Presentation

You are cordially invited to attend this year's online Senior Thesis Presentations. The Presentations are an essential step towards graduation and are an established and cherished event in the BCB academic year. 

May 4, 2020
10:00  Nikoloz Adeishvili: The twin crisis - an analysis of the monetary policy of the Georgian Central Bank and its comparison with the Taylor Rule           
11:00  Xiaojing Li: Reimagining Power Relations in Inclusive Theater  
11:00  Zurab Bakradze: Healthcare Expenditure and Economic Growth - an Analysis of the General Mechanisms and the Georgian Healthcare Reform in 2013          
11:30  Veronika Rišnovská: Freies Staatstheater: Attempts of Restructuring the German State Theatres for the 21st Century           
14:00  Lika Lekishvili: Kinto: a Traditional Georgian Dancer or a Symbol of Tbilisi Pride?         
15:00  Pilar Petropoulus-White: The Century of Faith: Tradition in Technologies of Re-enchantment           
16:00  Claire August: The Speech as Literary Form: A Narratological Analysis of Oratory and Persuasion in the Novel          
16:00  Vera Yung: Trauma in Aeschylus's The Oresteia     
May 5, 2020
10:00  Armanda Serwah: Colonial Amnesia: Rethinking Germany’s Erinnerungskultur  
11:00  Karam Alhamad: Governance Without Government: The Case of Eastern Syria   
11:45  Wah Sing Leng: Policy Regimes Transition Under the New Economic Policy (NEP): Explaining Malaysia’s policy responses in Asian Financial Crisis 1997 
13:00  Jude Macannuco: One’s Own Boss? Contested Discourses in Digital Platform Labor       
14:00  Mariia Mishchenko: Russian Language and Multilingualism as Cultural Capital for Russian Migrants in Berlin           
14:00  Åsa Dahlborn: The International Condonation of the Argentinian Military Junta 1976 - 1982     
14:15  Hannah Bargheer: From Palace to Public Space: Private Museums and Urban Reconstruction  
15:00  Gena  Haensel: How Chintz came to Europe: The Appropriation of an Indian Textile       
15:45  Anabel Polin: Reclaiming The Gaze: Asserting Sexual and Bodily Autonomy via the use of Exhibitionism in Contemporary Feminist Nude Self Portraiture    
16:00  Stella Burke:  Body as Canvas: The Recognition of Tattoos in the Western World           
17:00  Halliday Hartley: Sensation and Painting: A philosophically inspired reading of the body in the paintings of Miriam Cahn and Maria Lassnig           
17:00  Ania Flanigan: Enjoy Documentary: Filmmaking, Ethics, and Ai Wei Wei’s Human Flow  
May 6, 2020
11:00  Nele Pätzold: Spectator as Citizen: The Phenomenology of Performative Encounters     
14:00  Ana Ninidze: Happiness: What Income Can't Buy?: A Critical Review of the Easterlin Paradox Debate 
14:00  Micaela da Silva: Troubled Black Representation & the Emotion of Horror   
15:00  Colomba Dumay Neder: Making the Case for Tiny Houses: What is the demand for tiny Houses in Berlin?
May 7, 2020
12:30  Nikita Andromachi Moutsopoulou  Lilith: The Potential that Lies Behind the Myth        
13:30  May Keren: The Women of Pre-State Israel: An Inquiry of Identity and Nationalism
14:00  Kelly Huen: Lilith: "Depersonalisation through Assimilation"
14:00  Mandula van den Berg: Playing Cowboys: Imaginaries of 19th Century Amerika in East Germany
15:00  Mila Hamp: The Subject in Perspective     
15:45  Anna Zakelj: The Sphere: Possibilities for Dissolution in Titian’s the Allegory of Marriage        
16:00  Elle Hartell: The Witch: Horror, Women, Psychoanalysis, and Suspiria
17:15  Regan Dooley: The Intention and Necessity of the Judas Figure      
18:00  Jody Lam: Imagined Values: The Construction of Third Wave Coffee in Berlin
May 8, 2020
10:00  Sharifah Khalfan: From Metaphysics to Manifestation: Archetypes of Magical realism in Middle Eastern folklore, and the Politics of Re-imagination
11:00  Jack Jagelski: Cultural Understanding in Internationalized Space: International Schools as Places of Identity Building for Third Culture Kids
14:30  Abdul Wahed Alkhamrah: Writing Towards the Archive: Recollection, and Palestinian History Houses         
14:45  Kuo-Jam Chen-Sanchez: Ethos of the Digital Age: Cyber Utopia, Net Art and Digital Aesthetics       
15:30  Wafa Mustafa: Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution
16:00  Sonya Devyatkin: How did Charles Bukowski challenge the idea of living conventionally within the constructs of society through his poems on love, society and work?
Open to the BCB Community

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Location: Bard College Berlin

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