Wednesday, October 28, 2020

An Overview: Dancing through the History of Utopias - Jacalyn Carley

Online Lecture
7.30pm CET

In the first part of the lecture series Dance & Community Building - Utopian Practice in the 21st CenturyJacalyn Carley, co-founder of the Tanzfabrik Berlin and a choreographer will take a closer look at the early European utopias Mount Verita in Switzerland and Hellerau in Germany, where one can find the early underpinnings of ‘Community Dance’ that eventually carried over to and were usurped by pseudo-utopias like the Third Reich and the GDR. In the 1960s, Community Dance was part of grammar school curriculum in England, where this century’s ‘Everyone can Dance’ is rooted. In the last forty years, Community Dance has helped successfully giving a voice and pride to some of the most incongruous and underprivileged communities imaginable. Germany is now a forerunner in funding Community Dance. This workshop will look at several examples, including clips from “Rhythm is It” (documentation of five inner city Berlin schools’ hundreds of students dancing Stravinsky's ‘Sacre du Printemps’ in a full scale performance with the Berlin Philharmonic) in order to discuss why and how German state and federal governments have come to see modern dance, and Community Dance, as a diplomatic and foreign aid tool. 

Moderated by: Hanan Toukan

More upcoming events in this series: 

Lecture 2
Thur., Nov 5 - What Community Dance can Achieve: Looking at the Life and Work of Royston Maldoom — with Royston Maldoom (Pioneer of Community Dance, numerous international projects and awards, Order of the British Empire recipient)

Lecture 3
Tues., Nov 10 - Hands On: Community Dance Practice — Prof. Ingo Reulecke (mentor/educator Hochschulubergreifendes Zentrum Tanz and Ernst-Busch-Hochschule, choreographer and Real-Time-Composer)

This lecture series forms the first part of a course Jacalyn Carley will offer in the spring entitled "Dance and Community Building: Utopian Practice in the 21st Century". It is sponsored by the Mellon Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education.


Contact information:  communications@berlin.bard.edu

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