Thursday, April 29, 2021

Aurel Stenzel –  Data Sharing and Climate Change: Potential Benefits and Challenges

3:45 pm

This guest talk intersects the fields of computer science, economics, and environmental science.

In the current information age, companies collect quadrillions of data points. From the individual firm’s viewpoint, not sharing data is a rational strategy. However, data unfolds its true value only if it reaches a critical mass, can be put into context and is converted to actionable information. Thus, from a collective viewpoint, not sharing data is an adverse outcome, leaving out huge potential gains for organizations and society as a whole. In this regard, a MIT study has shown that we could save more than 20% of CO2 emissions if data collaboration between organizations would happen. A new technological paradigm is currently moving from research to application, enabling new ways of data sharing. For example, the secure multiparty computing technology allows parties to jointly run an operation using their shared data, while keeping their inputs private.  

Aurel Stezel is a mathematician by training, and also holds an MBA from HHL (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) and currently is a PhD candidate in Information Design at the Economics Department of Kiel University. For many years, he was the COO of Adjust, one of Berlin’s latest unicorns. He recently founded the SINE Foundation - a non-profit organization that enables organizations to share their data for the better.

This event is moderated by BCB Professor of Economics Israel Waichman.

Contact information:  events@berlin.bard.edu

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