Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Performance Factory Series : Part I

Performing Arts
5:30 - 7:30 pm CEST

THE PERFORMANCE FACTORY presents works from various performing arts courses at the end of each semester. It offers a platform for experimenting with theater and performance formats, topics and performance related ways of engagement. 
This semester's works showcase stagings of post-dramatic playwriting, autobiographical performances, public interventions and engaged performance art.
Corona safety: 
Access to the events is limited to the BCB Community. Prior registration is requested.

Part I

Solo and Group Performances
Self-Instructions. Making Autobiographical
Performance with She She Pop

Custom Gender

by Shahd Katba

Custom Gender is a participatory self-portrait performance based on the idea of the gender as spectrum. It plays with the binary genders’ expressions and the expression of gender transition between the sexes on a spectrum. The audience is involved in the making of the piece as they are allowed to explore the gender spectrum and its limitations through the performer. Shahd takes from their own gender exploration journey as a Trans* nonbinary person. The piece is also  inspired by Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 0 and She She Pop’s For Everyone.

My Mother's Messages
by Elena Eßer
instructions by Helene Cunningham

What does it feel like when the nest is empty and all children have finally moved out? A critical assessment of my mother's hopes and wishes for me and what remains unspoken.


Peace On Earth

by Dani Wilder

One lady, one guitar, one George Harrison song.

i wish i could be there
by Helena Cunningham

during the performance i will answer whenever someone calls me. 
i will tell them how sorry i am about missing the performance
then i will tell them what i would have performed had i been there
i will apologize again for not being there
i will thank them for coming 
i will apologize again and tell them about how much i wish i could be there. 
i will bid them farewell.

With inspiration from She She Pop’s “Canon”, and in-class discussions of Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl’s “Draw My Breath”.
How do questions come to birth
Kaitlyn the Ephemeral
Bose the Wonderer
Alice the Bewildered
How is it that we are always full of questions without answer? Why don't elephants have two trunks? How is it that we are okay with never getting an answer to most of our questions? What will I eat tonight? How private are your questions? Would you like to hear ours?  Do our dreams mean anything? Questions, Humming, and fairy dust are waiting for you!

Contact information:  events@berlin.bard.edu

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