Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Performance Factory Series : Part II

Performing Arts
7:00 - 9:15 pm

THE PERFORMANCE FACTORY presents works from various performing arts courses at the end of each semester. It offers a platform for experimenting with theater and performance formats, topics and performance related ways of engagement. 
This semester's works showcase stagings of post-dramatic playwriting, autobiographical performances, public interventions and engaged performance art.
Corona safety: 
Access to the events is limited to the BCB Community. Prior registration is requested.

Part II:
Scene Studies
Elfriede Jelinek: A Study of the Postdramatic
Playwriting Directing and Acting


Scene Study One 
Forces beyond our control collide in a musical disaster for the ages. Fun for the whole family.

Experimenting with Elfriede Jelinek’s play The Charges 
Performers: Mátyás Endrey and Gracie Kuppenbender 
Director: Dani Wilder 

Scene Study Two 
Internationally known and intergenerationally recognized, Jackie Kennedy Onassis has been an indispensable component of the American myth since the 1950s. She is simultaneously an example of perfect, stylized femininity and a symbol of feminine grief. Through Elfriede Jelinek's play, "Jackie", we explore Jackie's role in her own myth-making. What skill does it take to turn life into legend? What if we were to judge Jackie, not as a victim of the confines of public femininity, but as a master of her craft? What is at stake in the performance of the King's royal body? 

Experimenting with Elfriede Jelinek’s play Jackie
Performer: Fiona French
Director: Ava Simonds 

Scene Study Three 
Playing with the maze of Elfriede Jelinek's language, this scene is a collage of images, bodies, ideas, echoes, thinking thinkers, shadows, things unsaid and unsayable – a mass of text, a mass of people, a mass held at a church unknown. 

Experimenting with the annex of Elfriede Jelinek’s play The Charges
Performers: Gracie Kuppenbender, Fiona French, Dani Wilder, Hannah Scharmer, Maria Jose Sarmiento Isaac
Director: Danny Dubner 

Contact information:  events@berlin.bard.edu

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