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Bard College Berlin establishes Jens Reich Scholarship

In honor of his 75th birthday
Irina Stelea
In honor of the 75th birthday of bioinformatician and civil rights activist Prof. Dr. Jens Reich, Bard College Berlin has established a Jens Reich Scholarship. Beginning in the coming academic year, the scholarship will be awarded to students for outstanding academic and civil engagement achievements.

"Professor Reich is a highly esteemed colleague here at Bard College Berlin,” stated Professor Dr. Thomas Rommel, Rector and Provost of Bard College Berlin. "His lectures highlight the connections between the natural sciences and society, and our students and professors look forward to continuing to work with him here in Pankow. The Jens Reich Scholarship honors him as a key member of the Bard College Berlin community by providing financial support for gifted students."

Professor Reich, born in 1939 in Göttingen, has worked in Berlin since 1968. From 1992 until his retirement in 2004 he led a research group at the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) in Berlin-Buch, and from 1998 to 2004 he served as a Professor on the Medical Faculty at Humboldt University (HU) in Berlin. In the eighties, Professor Reich was an outspoken advocate of the civil rights movement in the GDR and acted as co-founder of the "New Forum" initiative in 1989/90.

Professor Reich has received numerous awards for both his scientific achievements and his political advocacy, including the Theodor Heuss Prize, the Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Prize and the Schiller Prize of the city of Marbach.

Jens Reich has been involved with Bard College Berlin from the very beginning. It was Jens Reich who opened the first International Summer University hosted at the College, then known as the European College of Liberal Arts, with his lecture on Bentham, Kant and molecular medicine in July 2000.

Since then, Jens Reich has regularly taught bioethics courses at Bard College Berlin. He is a valued member of the academic advisory board, to which he was appointed in 2002, and contributes to the development of the College with his expertise, principles and vision.

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