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ECLA Concludes Academic Year 2006-07 with a Celebration on Campus

37 students from 18 countries enrolled in Academy Year and Project Year programmes – Concluding celebration and accompanying events take place on June 20th – International Summer University starts on July 13th 2007
Tomaz Cebasek
Students, faculty, guests and administrative staff of the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA) will assemble on the lawn of ECLA’s Waldstrasse 70 building tomorrow to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year 2006-2007. The days leading up to the end of the year turn out to have their own deadlines, even though these are now mostly of non-academic nature: rehearsals are being scheduled, the yearbook team is racing to meet the printing deadline, concluding remarks are being prepared and the first attempts to summarise the year in retrospect are being made.

Academy Year student Judith Schmid from Germany describes the feeling on campus: „On the one hand there is a feeling of relief after the many months of essay writing and intense discussion, on the other hand there is the realisation that our friends, with whom we have shared our lives on campus since October, will soon be departing to all four corners of the world. It can feel strange at times“. The transition from being a student to being an alum is only hours away.

ECLA was home to 37 students from 18 countries this year. The majority enrolled in the Academy Year programme. This interdisciplinary team-taught programme integrates different humanities disciplines and aims to shed light on key questions, texts and works of art works from different disciplinary perspectives. Another group of students enrolled in Project Year, a programme that combines seminar group instruction with individual work on research projects. These individual research projects are supervised by ECLA’s faculty members and have covered a wide range of topics this year, from an exploration of the use of theatrical elements in film to a concept study for a sustainable town in Moldova.

European College of Liberal Arts is a private institution offering interdisciplinary programmes in the humanities. All instruction is in English. Students live on ECLA’s residential campus in Berlin-Pankow. The next programme on ECLA’s academic calendar is the eighth International Summer University from July 13th to August 25th. A total of 42 students from 22 countries will come to Berlin to enroll in the six-week exploration under the title: „The Mantle of the Prophet: Demons, Saints and Terrorists“.

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