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Aya Soika

PhD in Art History
University of Cambridge
Prof. Dr. Aya Soika was brought up and educated in Berlin, where she studied Art History, Classical Archaeology and Literature (Humboldt University, 1994 – 1997). She then went on to complete a PhD in History of Art at the University of Cambridge (King’s College, 1997 – 2001) where she also held a Research Fellowship (New Hall, 2001 – 2005), and a Temporary Lectureship at the Department of History of Art (2003 – 2004). At Cambridge she taught at undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate level (M.Phil.), and was Director of Studies for various Cambridge colleges. Aya started teaching for Bard College Berlin as a visiting lecturer in 2002, and joined the faculty in October 2005. Her main area of research interest lies in the field of German Expressionism, European Modernism and Avantgarde Art and Culture.

Classes Taught at Bard College Berlin:
Foundational and Advanced Modules:
Modern Movements in the Visual Arts
Collecting, Curating, Critiquing (with Andrea Meyer, TU Berlin)
German Art and Identity
Curatorial Practice, Past and Present
Art and National Socialism (with Andrea Meyer, TU Berlin)
Art Production in the Modern Age (with Andrea Meyer, TU Berlin)
Art and the First World War (with Andrea Meyer, TU Berlin)
What is (Modern) Art?
Cultures of Display: The Berlin Art Museums (with Andrea Meyer, TU Berlin)
Platonic concepts in Art
The Cult of the Artist
Romantics, Realists, Revolutionaries: Nineteenth Century Art
The Challenge of the Avantgarde
Words and Images: Manifestos of the Avantgarde (co-taught with literature historian Laura Scuriatti)
Paths to the Absolute: Abstraction in Art German Visual Culture, 1900 – 1937

Aya has also lectured for Bard College Berlin's core courses, and has been the coordinator of the extracurricular Berlin Program (2005 – 2012). She organized Bard College Berlin's Annual Conference in 2008 ("The Politics of Cultural Ownership") and 2011 ("What shall we eat?").
In 2011 Aya was in charge of the art history component of the International Summer University Prussia: Philosophy, Rebellion and the State.

Project Year Dissertations supervised:
Adolph Menzel's Realism
Text and Image in Conceptual Art
Subjectivity and Portraiture
The Berlin National Gallery and the notion of 'German' Art (with Geoff Lehman)
Participatory Art (two case studies)
Madness, Art and Ideology in Nazi Germany

General Teaching Interests:
Modernism and its Theories; Theories and Manifestations of the European Avantgarde; German Visual Culture in the 19th, 20th and 21st Century; Berlin: Architecture, Urban Space, Memorial Culture; The Berlin Museums and their History.

Research & Publications:
Aya's research interests include early twentieth-century European art, in particular German Expressionism. Among her publications are articles on the Expressionist group Brücke, the history of art reception and reviews of various monographs and catalogues. She has written the Catalogue Raisonné of Max Pechstein's oil paintings and a biography of the Expressionist painter Max Pechstein (together with her husband, the historian Bernhard Fulda). In 2014 she published a book on the artists of Brücke and the First World War and curated an accompanying exhibition in the Brücke-Museum, Berlin. In 2016 she prepared a publication and exhibition on Max Pechstein and his wife Lotte's trip to the South Seas in 1914, which sets objects and photos from the ethnological collections in Dresden, Leipzig and Hamburg in relation to images and texts by the couple. She is currently working on an extensive project on Expressionist painter Emil Nolde during National-Socialism (with Bernhard Fulda) and preparing an anthology of letters and other mostly unpublished documents.

  • Der Traum vom Paradies. Max und Lotte Pechsteins Reise in die Südsee. Bielefeld: Kerber Verlag 2016. Study of the artist's trip to the German South Seas in summer 1914, including transcriptions of his and his wife's travel diaries, 224 pages. The book accompanies the exhibition at Kunstsammlungen Zwickau (9 July - 3 Oct. 2016) and Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus Reutlingen (29 Oct. 2016 - 22 Jan. 2017)
  • Weltenbruch. Die Künstler der Brücke im Ersten Weltkrieg. 1914-1918. Munich/London/New York: Prestel Verlag 2014. Study of the Artists of the former group 'Die Brücke' during the First World War, 240 pages. The book accompanies an exhibition at Brücke Museum Berlin (1.08.2014-16.11.2014)
  • Max Pechstein. The Rise and Fall of Expressionism. Part of the Series: Interdisciplinary German Cultural Studies. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter 2012. Monograph/Biography on the German Expressionist artist Max Pechstein [together with Bernhard Fulda], 432 pages
  • Max Pechstein. Das Werkverzeichnis der Ölgemälde. Munich: Hirmer Verlag 2011, Vol. 1: 1905 – 1918. Vol. 2: 1919-1954. Catalogue Raisonné of Max Pechstein's paintings, 1188 pages, including 1243 entries, as well as essays on reception history, collectors and Œuvre of Max Pechstein

Edited Volumes including Exhibition Catalogues:
  • Max Pechstein, Ein Expressionist aus Leidenschaft. Retrospektive. Ed. Aya Soika, together with Andrea Madesta and Peter Thurmann. Exh.-Cat. Kunsthalle zu Kiel (19.9.2010 – 9.1.2011), Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg (6.3. – 26.6.2011), Kunstmuseum Ahlen (10.7. – 30.10.2011), Munich: Hirmer Verlag 2010
  • Sonderband Gruppe und Individuum in der Künstlergemeinschaft Brücke. 100 Jahre Brücke. Neueste Forschung. Jahrbuch der Dresdner Gemäldesammlungen. Ed. together with Birgit Dalbajewa und Konstanze Rudert, Berlin and Dresden 2007
  • Expresionismo Brücke. Symposium No 4. Ed. Aya Soika, Fundación Colección Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid 2005

Articles and contributions to exhibition catalogues and edited volumes:
  • 'Erich Heckels Madonna von Ostende'. In: Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen, hrsg. v. Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, vol. 58 (2016), Gebrüder Mann Verlag: Berlin, forthcoming
  • Emil Noldes Südsee-Aquarelle im kolonialen Kontext'. In: Sønderjylland-Schleswig Kolonial – Eine Spurenlese. Ed. Marco Petersen, University Press of Southern Denmark, forthcoming 2017
  • 'Max Pechstein'. In: Allgemeines Künstler Lexikon (AKL). Ed. Bénédicte Savoy / Andreas Beyer / Wolf Tegethoff, De Gruyter: Berlin / New York, forthcoming
  • 'Künstlerreisen in die Südsee. Emil Nolde und Max Pechstein'. In: Inspiration des Fremden. Die Brücke-Maler und die außereuropäische Kunst. Almanach der Brücke, vol. 4. Ed. Kunstmuseum Moritzburg, forthcoming. The publication accompanies an exhibition of the same title at Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle / Saale (13.11.2016-29.01.2017)
  • 'Max Pechstein, Junge Frau mit rotem Turban'. In: Sammlungskatalog Kunstmuseum Bern, ed. Valentina Locatelli, forthcoming
  • 'The Sale of Emil Nolde's New Guinea Watercolours to the German Imperial Colonial Office'. In: Tributes to Jean Michel Massing, ed. by Phillip Lindley and Mark Stocker, Turnhout: Brepols/Harvey Miller Publishers, pp. 255-268
  • Five short essays on the provenance of paintings from the (former) Berlin Nationalgalerie Expressionist collection (by Lyonel Feininger, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Franz Marc and Emil Nolde). In: Die schwarzen Jahre: Kunstwerke in den Jahren 1933 bis 1945, ed. Dieter Scholz and Maria Obenaus. The publication accompanies an exhibition of the same title at Hamburger Bahnhof/Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin (21.11.2015 – 21.08.2016), pp. 71-75, 107-109, 114-117, 121-124, 129-131
  • "Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Das Bad des Kranken (Der barmherzige Samariter), 1917 (Private Collection)"; „Erich Heckel, Der barmherzige Samariter, Holzschnitt-Triptychon, 1915 (Brücke-Museum, Berlin)". In: CARITAS. Nächstenliebe von den Frühen Christen bis zur Gegenwart. Exhibition catalogue of Diözesanmuseum Paderborn (23.07.2015 – 13.12.2015), Petersberg 2015: Michael Imhof Verlag, pp. 630, 631, 634
  • "Die doppelt bemalte Leinwand im Werk der Brücke". In: Der doppelte Kirchner. Die zwei Seiten der Leinwand. Exhibition catalogue of Kunsthalle Mannheim (06.02.2015 – 31.05.2015) and Kirchner Museum Davos (21.06.2015 – 08.11.2015), ed. Inge Herold, Ulrike Lorenz and Thorsten Sadowsky, Cologne 2015: Wienand Verlag, pp. 124-133 (German and English edition)
  • „Max Pechstein: Auf der Suche nach einem baltischen Arkadien". In: Zwei Männer – ein Meer. Pechstein und Schmidt-Rottluff an der Ostsee. Exhibition catalogue of Pommersches Landesmuseum Greifswald (29.03. – 28.06.2015), ed. Birte Frenssen, Greifswald 2015, pp. 11-37
  • Eleven short essays on works from the Neue Nationalgalerie Expressionist collection. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Stehende, 1912, wood sculpture; Badende am Strand, 1913; Potsdamer Platz, 1914; Belle-Alliance-Platz, 1914;Rheinbrücke bei Köln, 1914; Atelierecke, 1919/20; Zwei weibliche Akte, 1921; Wiesenblumen und Katze, 1931/32), Max Pechstein (Sitzendes Mädchen, 1910; Sommer in den Dünen, 1911; Am Strand von Nidden, 1911; Doppelbildnis, 1910), Otto Mueller (Zwei Mädchen, 1925/28), Erich Heckel (Selbstbildnis, 1919), Emil Nolde (Pfingsten, 1909; Papua-Jünglinge, 1914; Die Sünderin, 1926) and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (Bildnis Walter Niemeyer, 1921). In: Moderne Zeiten. Die Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin zu Gast in der Kunsthalle Würth Schwäbisch Hall,ed. C. Sylvia Weber, Udo Kittelmann, Dieter Scholz, as part of exhibition of the same title (23.05. – 01.5.2015), Künzelsau: Swiridoff Verlag, pp. 56-57, 66-69, 70-77, 80-83, 86-93, 166-167, 188-189 (English and Hebrew translation for the exhibition catalogue Twilight Over Berlin: Masterworks from the Nationalgalerie, 1905-1945, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 20.10.2015 – 07.06.2016)
  • 'Emil Nolde and the national-socialist dictatorship'. In: Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937. Exhibition catalogue of Neue Galerie, New York (13.03.2014 – 30.6.2014), ed. Olaf Peters, Munich, London, New York: Prestel Publishing 2014, pp. 184-193 [with Bernhard Fulda]. Translated into Swedish : '"Han är i själva verket tyskarnas tysk". Emil Nolde och Nazidiktaturen'. In: Emil Nolde – Färgstormar, Exhibition catalogue of Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (07.03.2015 – 30.08.2015) and Göteborgs Kunstmuseum (03.10.2015 – 17.01.2016), ed. Karin Sidén, Catrin Lundeberg, Christian Ring, Stockholm: Carlsson bokförlag 2015, pp. 105-112
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Prof. Dr. Aya Soika
Art History
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