Data Collection, Retention and Utilization Notice to Students/Alumni

In order to fulfill its remit of educational provision and implement associated services (both academic and non-academic), Bard College Berlin, A Liberal Arts University, collects, retains and utilizes the data of students enrolling at the College.

Bard College Berlin obtains student data at the point of application via the College’s admissions programs (i.e. Common App and Slate); or via educational partners (such as institutions with which the College has a formal exchange agreement); or where students disclose personal information necessary for enrolling, maintaining their student status, applying for legally-mandated disability or other medical accommodations, or accessing institutional services at the College. Students are reminded of the importance of ensuring that the College is provided with accurate and up-to-date personal information. 

Bard College Berlin undertakes to retain student data in both digital and physical formats in appropriately secure conditions. Data is retained indefinitely for the provision of academic records at the request of former students and alumni.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect from 25 May 2018, the below provides currently enrolled students and alumni with an overview of what data is held by the College and the purposes for which it is retained and utilized. 

Information collected and retained by Bard College Berlin for students enrolling in one of its programs:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Contact: external address / email
  • Contact: emergency contact
  • Contact: telephone number
  • Contact: parental contact details and further pertinent information
  • Disability details (where provided)
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Health insurance details
  • Immigration status, i.e. residency permit and visa details (where provided)
  • Information on eligibility for financial aid
  • Photographic image
  • Prior academic record  and educational, employment or training details
  • Religious affiliation
  • Bank account details (in cases where payment/reimbursement is required)
  • Other details not comprised of personal information

Purposes for which Bard College Berlin may use the information collected about enrolled students:

  • Administration of financial matters related to enrollment and study at the College, including tuition charges, collections, financial aid and scholarship awards, fines, and semester tickets;
  • Administration and maintenance of student records, both personal and academic, including measures to review and support academic progress;
  • Allocation and administration of scholarships and awards;
  • Enrollment at the College;
  • Evaluation of academic assessment and coursework;
  • Facilitation of academic advising with Bard College Berlin faculty;
  • Monitoring of programs, courses and student services for the purpose of quality and enhancement measures;
  • Provision of IT and library services;
  • Provision of non-academic services, including housing, residential life and student facilities;
  • Provision of services and academic accommodations for students with a registered disability;
  • Provision of study abroad and internship opportunities;
  • Provision of transcripts and similar academic records, including sharing of both academic and non-academic data with visiting students’ home institutions;
  • Registration with the relevant state and governmental authorities as required for enrollment at the College and legal residence in Germany;
  • Relations with Alumni; Bard College Berlin will ask graduating students to provide their contact details, future location and employment/educational status as well as contact  preferences upon conclusion of their program of study. The College uses these details to keep former students informed about developments at the College, events, opportunities and  other related areas of interest;
  • Submission of returns to German governmental agencies where the College has a legal obligation;
  • Other purposes at the explicit request of students and alumni, such as issuing and mailing transcripts to third parties, providing certification or supporting students in meeting the conditions of enrollment at the College and the requirements of legal residency in Germany.

Third parties to which Bard College Berlin may transfer your personal information:

  • German governmental agencies where the College has a legal obligation to provide such information;
  • Network and cooperative educational partners, such as Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, Erasmus+/DAAD, and any other institution with which the College has a formal exchange agreement, where the transfer of information is required for the provision of the College’s academic and non-academic services;
  • Provision of support to students in meeting the conditions of enrollment at the College and the requirements of legal residency in Germany;
  • Sponsors in the case of scholarship recipients.

If you are currently enrolled as a student at the College and have any queries regarding the information held on you by the College and its utilization, please contact registrar@berlin.bard.edu

Last updated May 2018

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