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December 2018

12-04-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Sarah Mardini kommt gegen Kaution frei appeared in Der Tagesspiegel
12-03-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Helfer oder Schmuggler - Der Fall Sarah Mardini appeared in Arte

November 2018

11-28-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Sara & Yusra Mardini are finalists of the 2018 MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award appeared in MIT News
11-20-2018 6 Degrees: Changing the Way We Think About Newcomers appeared in American Women’s Club of Berlin
11-14-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Open Letter European Parliament appeared in European Parliament
11-10-2018 „Was haben Sie von Grass gelernt?" Schriftsteller Andreas Martin Widmann im Interview appeared in Allgemeine Zeitung
11-05-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Greece: Rescuers at Sea Face Baseless Accusations appeared in Human Rights Watch

October 2018

10-21-2018 Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita visits Bard College Berlin appeared in Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation
10-06-2018 Kavanaugh kann auf Mehrheit hoffen appeared in Deutschlandfunk Kultur

September 2018

09-30-2018 Nachdenken über eine Freie Universität von Babel appeared in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 
09-26-2018 Sara Mardini's story: She Was Called a Hero for Helping Fellow Refugees. Doing So Got Her Arrested. appeared in New York Times
09-26-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Retterin im Knast appeared in 3sat
09-26-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Bezirksbürgermeister Benn bittet um Verwendung für Freilassung von Sara Mardini appeared in Bezirksamt Pankow
09-21-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Heldin in Haft - Drama um eine Seenot-Retterin appeared in ZDF Aspekte
09-13-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Freilassung von Sarah Mardini gefordert appeared in Neues Deutschland
09-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Warum bin ich hier? appeared in Süddeutsche Zeitung
09-09-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Greek Police Jails Rescuer Of Fellow Asylum Seekers appeared in NPR
09-06-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Eine Flüchtlingshelferin, die im Gefängnis landete appeared in Der Tagesspiegel
09-06-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Από ηρωίδα, κατηγορούμενη για διακίνηση α& appeared in Kathimerini
09-06-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Arrest of Syrian 'hero swimmer' puts Lesbos refugees back in spotlight appeared in The Guardian
09-06-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Sara Mardini Arrest - Interview with Florian Becker appeared in CBC Radio - timestamp 28:16
09-05-2018 Education Matters - Bard College Berlin and the Institute of International Education appeared in LinkedIn
09-01-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Von der Heldin zur Verdächtigen appeared in Der Spiegel
09-01-2018 Sara Mardini's story: From heroine to suspect appeared in EN translation of Der Spiegel article

August 2018

08-31-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Gegen die Kriminalisierung von Zivilcourage appeared in Alliance 90/The Greens
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