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March 2019

03-02-2019 Sara Mardini's story: Yusra and Sara Mardini interview: Syrian sisters reunited appeared in The Times

February 2019

02-20-2019 Sara Mardini's story: "Ich bin keine Heldin" appeared in Neues Deutschland 
02-19-2019 Irish women writers: ‘This country’s done punishing me. I can do whatever I like now’ appeared in The Irish Times
02-18-2019 Global Liberalisms: An Interview with Ewa Atanassow appeared in Journal of the History of Ideas Blog
02-06-2019 Boris Vormann: US-Präsident Trump fordert Kompromissbereitschaft appeared in Radio Eins, RBB
02-06-2019 Politikwissenschaftler Boris Vormann, Bard College Berlin, über Trumps Kompromissbereitschaft appeared in Tagesschau, ARD
02-06-2019 Teleprompter Trump or Twitter Trump? appeared in Deutsche Welle

January 2019

01-24-2019 Reading lists on ‘decolonising the university’ appeared in Global Social Theory
01-10-2019 Sara Mardini's story: Mutige Sonderbotschafterin aus Syrien appeared in ZDF
01-07-2019 Sara Mardini’s story: These women made a big impact in 2018 appeared in Public Radio International
01-03-2019 Was die Demokraten bewegen können appeared in SWR2
01-02-2019 Sara Mardini's story: Syrian refugee activist released from Greek prison appeared in Deutsche Welle
01-02-2019 From Hebron to London: one student’s experience appeared in SOAS blog

December 2018

12-22-2018 Sara Mardini's story: 'In jail you're a ball of emotion' appeared in The Guardian
12-18-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Syrian refugee and activist on trial for rescuing migrants from drowning appeared in Deutsche Welle News
12-18-2018 Sara Mardini's story: 'Barbed wire-plus': Borders know no love appeared in Al Jazeera
12-14-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Die in Berlin lebende syrische Flüchtlingshelferin Sarah Mardini ist wieder auf freiem Fuß appeared in 3sat
12-14-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Syrian refugee 'hero swimmer' Sara Mardini is out of prison. She plans to keep helping refugees. appeared in PRI
12-13-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Zurück in Berlin Sara Mardini spricht über die Zeit im Gefängnis appeared in Berliner Zeitung
12-13-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Flüchtlingshelferin Sara Mardini: Vorwürfe sind falsch appeared in Berliner Zeitung
12-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: 'I am not a people smuggler’ appeared in BBC News
12-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Flüchtlingsretterin Sarah Mardini zurück in Berlin appeared in RBB
12-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Flüchtlingsretterin aus der Haft zurück in Berlin appeared in RBB Online
12-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: Wie Sara Mardini in die Freiheit schwamm appeared in Süddeutsche Zeitung
12-12-2018 Sara Mardini's story: In Griechenland inhaftierte Flüchtlingshelferin zurück in Berlin appeared in Tagesspiegel
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