Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Performance Factory Series: Part III

Performing Arts
5:00 - 8:00 pm

THE PERFORMANCE FACTORY presents works from various performing arts courses at the end of each semester. It offers a platform for experimenting with theater and performance formats, topics and performance related ways of engagement. 
This semester's works showcase stagings of post-dramatic playwriting, autobiographical performances, public interventions and engaged performance art.
Corona safety: 
Access to the events is limited to the BCB Community. Prior registration is requested.

Part III
Performances, Videos and Installations
Critical Acts, Introduction to Performance Studies
Instructor: Nina Teckelnburg

Bose Sarmiento & Ezgi Karayel:
Reclaiming Names
This durational performance aims to create a safe space to counter the violation of women’s lives and bodies. Our experiences echoing from Mexico, Turkey, and Germany fill in the void left by silence and impunity. We embody vulnerability as a form of confrontation and resistance within these voids, and immerse our audience in an experience which does not end on site. As we are weaving space of radical empathy, we bring the names of femicide victims to the surface through sound and blood.
This performance is inspired by Renata Álvarez León’s poem “Sin Miedo, Without Fear'' and the sound piece “Hum” by Hajra Waheed.
Trigger warning: This performance includes the use of needles on the body and excerpts from graphically described incidents of femicides.
Langston Stahler:
Bathroom Talk
This performance is about all one can do in a bathroom, and more. Come explore this strangely social place with me! 
Trigger Warning: SA, body dysmorphia
Naama Simon:
Reclaiming Public Space
A compilation of short videos featuring social interactions between two people and their physical presence set against three locations in Berlin (restaurant, U-bahn, club). The scenes depict a satirical representation of reclaiming public spaces that have entirely transformed over the last year. It is a critical commentary on how our social behavior and physicality have had to adapt to the situation, resulting in a reconceptualization of public space and our relation to it. What happens when our social behavior is stultified and we’re confronted with the desire to retrieve a sense of normality?
Featuring: Naama Simon, Alona Cohen
DOP: Itamar Kerner

Luiza Garcia Zanardi, Wanda Alvesová & Gracie Kuppenbender:

Join us on this exploration of our bodies, where you will experience the physicality of your emotions through different approaches. We will be offering an installation and inviting you to ponder over embodiment, self image and the beauty of our flaws.
Please bring your phone and earphones/headphones. 

Trigger warning: Body image, body dysmorphia.  

Contact information:  events@berlin.bard.edu

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