Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Performing Pankow

Student Exhibition
5:00 - 8:00 pm

How can we get engaged by means of performance art?

In Performing Pankow, students from BCB Professor of Theater and Performance Nina Tecklenburg's course "Critical Acts: Introduction to Performance Studies" conducted an extensive midterm research project and performed a community building event in BCB's Pankow neighborhood.

Works included site-specific interventions, sound pieces and installations. The artistic projects were based on historical sites of civic engagement, mainly during GDR times, which course members initially studied during a historical and autobiographical walk through the neighborhood led by novelist and historian Annett Gröschner. Sites included the Old Parish Church Pankow where the Peace Circle Pankow was founded in the early 1980s, including oppositional feminist movements; or the former presidential chancellery at the entrance of Schloßpark and its legendary post-wall democratic round table movement in late 1989. 

Students created artistic responses to these places, questioning the present status of former concerns from their various personal and cultural perspectives. The exhibition features the video documentations of these projects.

Corona safety: 
 Access to the events is limited to the BCB Community. Prior registration is requested.

Featuring works by:
Works by:
María José Sarmiento Isaac
Ezgi Karayel
Gracie Kuppenbender
Langston Stahler
Luiza Garcia Zanardi
Naama Simon
Wanda Alvesová

Contact information:  events@berlin.bard.edu

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