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Cassandra Ellerbe

PhD in Anthropology / Comparative Cultural Studies
Universiteit Gent

Cassandra Ellerbe completed in 2006 a PhD in Comparative Cultural Studies/Anthropology at the University of Ghent, Belgium. She has worked as a researcher in various cross-border EU funded projects, and was appointed by the University of Southampton, U.K. as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2007-2010) for the EU Sixth Framework Project: SeFoNE. “Searching for Neighbours: The Dynamics of Mental and Physical Border in the New Europe” where she researched African diasporic networks in German-speaking countries. Her current research focuses on cultural studies, Black European studies, gender, intersectional theory, social justice/diversity, social innovation, refugees and migration studies.

Cassandra is a certified diversity/social justice and specializes in empowerment trainings for Black, migrant and refugee women of color. From 2011-2019 she served as a board member of Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V. Berlin (Anti-Defamation League - A World of Difference ®). She was an academic Fellow at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies (2013-2014) and a network member of the Black Diaspora in Germany Scholars Project funded by the German Research Foundation (2010-2014). From January 2016-May 2019 she worked with the refugee team of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit - Team-180 Flucht & Asyl (Federal Employment Agency). 

In May 2019 she accepted the post as a Senior Researcher at the Berlin University of Technology in the Interreg Central Europe research project SIforREF: “Integrating Refugees in Society and The Labour Market Through Social Innovation.”

Cassandra is currently Officer for Diversity & Inclusivity at the University of Bremen in the  EU project titled: YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe).

Most recent publications:

Ellerbe, C. (2018). "Black German Women, the Matrilineal Diaspora and Audre Lorde" in Black Diaspora in Germany. Edition Assemblage: Münster

Ellerbe, C. (2018) "‘Ich bin stolz ein Deutscher zu sein’" in Black German Males and National Pride. Edition Assemblage: Münster

Ellerbe-Dück, C. & Wekker, G.) “Naming Ourselves as Black Women in Europe – An African American & Afro-Dutch Conversation” in (co-editors- Bolacki & Broeck) Audre Lorde’s Transnational Legacies 2015.

Ellerbe-Dück, C. & Dzajic-Weber, A. 2016. "Die Diversity Dimension Ethnische Herkunft und Hautfarbe: einsichten und Überlegungen aus der Sensibiliserungsarbeit" in Petia Genkova and Tobias Ringeisen (Hrsg) Handbuch Diversity Kompetenz Band 2 Gegenstandsbereiche, Springer Verlag: Berlin

Ellerbe-Dück, C. & Dzajic-Weber, A. 2016. "Hautfarbe und Alltagsrassismus" in punktum. Juni 2016, s. 8-10.


Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe
Email: c.ellerbe[at]berlin.bard.edu