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Clio Nicastro

PhD in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts
University of Palermo

Clio Nicastro is currently affiliated with ICI Berlin. She studied Philosophy at the University of Palermo (Italy) where she completed her PhD in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts with a thesis on the notion of Denkraum der Besonnenheit in Aby Warburg, which she is in the process of adapting into a book. In 2015 she moved to Berlin as a DAAD postdoctoral fellow working on the German filmmaker Harun Farocki. From 2016-2018 she was a postdoctoral fellow at ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry as part of the two-year program Errans in Time (2016-2018), where she carried out research on empathic temporality.  

She has published her work in academic volumes as well as in film and art journals. Amongst other topics, she has written on Harun Farocki, Philip Scheffner and Merle Kroeger, and Adelina Pintilie. In 2016, she co-founded together with Saima Akhtar and Rosa Barotsias the project In front of the Factory: Cinematic Spaces of Labour. From 2018 she has been co-curating together with Hannah Proctor and Nadine Hartmann the series of reading groups and screenings Spellbound (Diffrakt, Berlin), which aims to explore experiences of collective mental contagion such as fainting fits, possession, the mimetic aspects of both hysteria and eating disorders, the regimentation of gesture and trances.

Dr. Clio Nicastro
Cultural Theory
Email: c.nicastro[at]berlin.bard.edu