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Gale Raj-Reichert

PhD in Development Studies
University of Manchester
Gale Raj-Reichert holds a PhD in development studies from the University of Manchester Global Development Institute (2012). Her research is on labor governance in global production networks with a focus on the global electronics industry and outsourced manufacturing in the Asia Pacific region. Gale’s research aims to understand how networked relationships and power asymmetries across different actors, such as governments, firms, and civil society organizations, shape and influence processes and outcomes for workers in outsourced factories of globalized industries.

Gale held previous faculty positions at the University of Manchester and Queen Mary University of London. She has been the recipient of research grants from the British Academy and is currently a Principal Investigator of a research project (on socially responsible public procurement in the European Union and its impacts on labor governance in the electronics industry global production network), which is funded by the German Research Fund. Gale is an Editor in Chief at the journal Competition and Change. In 2019, she co-edited the Handbook on Global Value Chains (Edward Elgar).

Publications (selection)
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Prof. Dr. Gale Raj-Reichert