Katalin Makkai

PhD in Philosophy
Harvard University
Prof. Dr. Katalin Makkai was born in Budapest and grew up in Montreal (Canada). She received her PhD in philosophy from Harvard University. She was assistant professor in the joint Department of Philosophy of Barnard College and Columbia University. Makkai is editor of--and a contributor to--Vertigo (2013), a collection of essays in Routledge's Philosophers on Film series. Her article "Kant on Recognizing Beauty" appeared in the European Journal of Philosophy (18: 3, 2010). She is currently writing a book on Kant's critical aesthetics. Other research interests include post-Kantian turns against metaphysics and related questions of philosophical methodology and writing.

Courses taught at Bard College Berlin:
Core Courses:
  • Forms of Love
  • Renaissance Florence
  • Objectivity
Foundational and Advanced Modules:
  • Ethics and Authenticity
  • The Idea of the Aesthetic
  • Recognition
  • Phenomenology and Art
  • Kant's Critical Aesthetics
  • Freedom
  • Autonomy and Alienation
  • Kant's Critical Philosophy
  • Classical Texts in Ethics and Political Theory
  • Individual and Society
  • The 'Gaze'
  • Being Embodied: Merleau-Ponty and Phenomenology
  • Morality and Psychoanalysis
  • What is a Photograph? (PY Reading Group)
  • Richard Moran's Authority and Estrangement (PY Reading Group)

Prof. Dr. Katalin Makkai
Phone: +49 30 43733 220
Email: k.makkai[at]berlin.bard.edu