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Kathy-Ann Tan

Habilitation and PhD in North American Literatures and Cultures
Curator and Independent Scholar
Kathy-Ann Tan is a Berlin-based curator, writer and independent scholar of the visual arts and performance, postcolonial and decolonial theory, critical diversity and gender/queer studies. She is interested in alternative models of art dissemination, exhibition-making and institution-building that are attuned to issues of social justice in the contemporary moment. Her ongoing project on decolonial aesthetics aims to collaboratively build a forum for artists and curators to develop ways of interrogating colonial narratives and countering neo-colonial forms of domination and control. As a former full-time academic, she has extensive experience in teaching, research, publishing and public speaking. Kathy-Ann also teaches at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies, and is currently pursuing an MA in Curatorial Practice at University of Bergen, Norway (2019–2021).

PD Dr. Kathy-Ann Tan
Curator and Independent Scholar
Email: k.tan[at]berlin.bard.edu