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Manuel Gebhardt

MA in Philosophy, OttoFriedrich-Universität, Barmberg
MA in Germanic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University
After completing his M.A. in Philosophy, Religion and Political Sciences with a thesis on the principles of “Sustainability and Global Justice” at the University of Bamberg, Manuel joined Harvard’s German PhD Program to pursue his dissertation, analyzing the potential of “Aesthetic Education in times of ecological crisis”, drawing on concepts from German Idealism (Schiller, Fichte) and linking them to a new reading of aesthetics in the light of French Theory (J-L Nancy, Bruno Latour).
Manuel has been teaching several seminars on philosophy (most recently: “A critical Theory of Love”) and academic writing in Bamberg, as well as language classes at Harvard and in Berlin. After finishing his dissertation, Manuel intends to dedicate himself to his true vocation: teaching liberal arts and languages!

Manuel Gebhardt
German Language and Literature