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Natalia Irina Roman

Bucharest, Romania
Attended: PY '06-07 & Installation Year '07-08
Currently: Installation Artist & Cultural Consultant
Portfolio at Berlinerpool 
ECLA* was the beginning of my Berlin chapter and stay, same as the city – an unfolding muse. It was where I plunged into a world of Installation Art, Film and Theatre. ECLA meant for me Visual Arts. Meaning also many nights in the basement studios, running through the city filming abandoned Christmas trees in the January cold, more winters in a row, or recording a trip from Pankow to Potsdamer Platz with the U2 subway.

After ECLA, I have unified my eclectic background (Law and Arts) under the umbrella of Arts Policy with a Master at the Hertie School of Governance. A graduate programme in Fine Arts followed at the Bauhaus University in Weimar – I have been researching and working with art spaces in Berlin ever since, with a focus on spaces that lost their initial function and were re-designed through arts and culture. I worked among others for the Martin-Gropius-Bau (exhibition organization), the Berlin International Film Festival (film fair organization) and Hertie Foundation (artistic consultancy). I have put together, among others, large-scale site-specific installations for the former electric Schauhalle 125 in Berlin Schöneweide, for the Round the Corner Gallery @ Teatro da Trindade in Portugal, for the forgotten ball room Prachtsaal Neukölln, or for the industrial Peter-Behrens-Halle, and started an online storytelling platform about Berliners.

ECLA is a place for imagination, self-discovery and play. It is a place both in Berlin and an oasis of its own, both school and community of people, both challenge and room for own initiative. And it is probably also what inspired me to live for years in a House Project in Berlin Moabit after I left the campus, a place with a story of its own – former squat, now association – but like ECLA, a community where we all know each other and have resources for making beautiful projects happen.

*ECLA was the historical name of Bard College Berlin until November 2013

Image: Natalia and her installation "Flying Ships, Berlin Storytelling I" (2012)