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Taun N. Toay

Taun N. Toay is the Annandale-based Managing Director of Bard College Berlin.

Toay has been involved in Bard College Berlin since its merger with Bard through his position as Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff at Bard. In this role he helps to oversee new initiatives at Bard College and is responsible for the satellite campuses' integration with the main Bard campus.

Toay also is managing director of the Levy Economics Institute where he holds a research analyst position, focused on macroeconomic modeling and gender-aware analysis.

He was a Fulbright research grantee to Greece for 2005–06 and an affiliate of the University of Piraeus and has served as a visiting lecturer in the economics department at Bard College.

Toay holds an M.Phil. in Economics from the New School for Social Research.

Publications (selected)
  • "Co-operative Banking in Greece: A proposal for rural reinvestment and urban entrepreneurship" (with D.B. Papadimitriou), Research Report to the Observatory of Economic and Social Developments, Labour Institute, Greek General Confederation of Labour, 2014
  • "Direct Job Creation for Turbulent Times in Greece" (with R. Antonopoulos and D. B. Papadimitriou), Research Project Report to the Observatory of Economics and Social Development, Labour Institute, Greek General Confederation of Labour, 2011
  • "From Unpaid to Paid Care Work: The Macroeconomic Implications of HIV and AIDS on Women's Time-tax Burdens" (with R. Antonopoulos), in The Fourth Wave: An Assault on Women, Gender, Culture, and HIV/AIDS in the 21st Century (UNESCO-SSRC), 2009
  • "Expensive Living: The Greek Experience under the Euro" (with T. Pelagidis), Intereconomics: Review of European Economic Policy, 2007